• Limited IF output interface for Logarithmic Amplifier AD8309


        We are using your Log detector: AD8309 in our present module and planning to use it in upcoming module for the LOG as well as Limited IF output usage. Now we need the output interface circuit of the AD8309 for Limited IF signal to convert…

  • AD8309 Low-End Limiter Input, Output Limiter Jitter

    Hello AD,

    I'm using the Limiters exclusively in the AD8309 for their high dynamic range and low phase jitter in my application. I'm using the AD8309 Eval Board.

    I've noticed however that at small-signal input (somewhere around ~1-10mV) the Limiter…

  • AD8309 Logarithmic Amplifier Envelope delay at VLOG Output


          We are using the 0.625MHz (0.8uS ON and OFF) pulsed RF signal at 30MHz to the AD8309 Logarithmic Amplifier and take the Log envelope output at VLOG pin without any external capacitor at FLTR Pin(default 3.5MHz Video bandwidth).

    Can you specify…

  • AD8306, AD8309 limiting amplifier initial phase delay, pulsed RF

    Can the AD8306, AD8309 limiting amplifier initial phase delay can be estimated, with an input RF pulse applied. In other words, would the limiter phase response traverse the same phase plot, even though the input power is changing rapidly?

  • Query about AD8309's Output of Limiting Amp

    Hi, there

    I have a query about AD8309's output of limiting amplifier.

    We feeding 2 signals at 70.6Mhz with a amplitude difference of 4dB to the device and  observed that 
    amplitude difference 8dB at the output of limiting amplifier device.


  • Limited IF output interface for Logarithmic Amplifier AD8309 - cont.

    Dear Suppoters,

        As per your recommendation, We have attached our finalized application schematic of AD8309 Log amplifier Log , Limited IF output circuit for 30MHz input to single ended 50Ohm Limited If output requirement.

    Kindly verify and give your…

  • AD8309, evaluating phase variation over input level, and over frequency


    A customer is asking whether the data of phase variation which is attached, is within the scope of specification of AD8309 ?

    Details how they measured is not known, but only information I have is they are evaluating AD8309 Evaluation Board, assuming…

  • [征文]AD8309对数放大器芯片的应用总结!




  • 求助关于AD8309对数放大器在调试过程中出现的一些问题!!






  • AD8309: How does this log amp handle out of band spurs (1800-2200 MHz)? Should additional filtering be added to attenuate spurs before it feeds into log amp.

    I have potential out of band spurs that are in the freq range of 1800 to 2200 MHz.  Spurs are at power levels of about -30 dBm