• RE: Replacement for SL532 low phase shift limiter

    Take a look at the following parts on Analog.com:

    • AD640
    • AD641 (similar design to AD640 but faster)
    • AD606
    • AD8309
    • AD8306 (modified version of AD8309 with military/aerospace version)

    The most versatile device (highest frequency range, highest…

  • RE: Logarithmic amplifer with Limiter Output


  • AD8309 Limiter-Output Duty Cycle

    Hi Analog Devices,

    I'm seeing issues with the AD8309 Limiter outputs duty cycle as I approach smaller signal (and still a bit away from the noise floor) and can see significant component-to-component AD8309 variation.

    In my application I am exclusively…

  • RE: Dynamic Range of AD8367

    Hi Joel,

    You mean that I have to use AD8309 for external detector and make the control voltage for

    VGA (AD8367).

    or I can use only AD8309 for AGc functionality.


    J S Hyanki

  • RE: What is the difference b/w AD8306ARZ & AD8309ARUZ Log amplifiers

    Hi Sir,

    The AD8309 fulfill our requirements, but if AD8306 has better feature like less error and slope variations, then we will plan to replace the AD8309 by AD8306.


    Sugumar K

  • AD8309 to Control ADL5530 RF Gain Stage

    Good morning-

    I'm planning to use an AD8309 as an IF limiter for an all-analog FM receiver design. While I realize that FM doesn't typically call for any type of AGC, I would like to use the VLOG/RSSI output to control the gain of an ADL5530 in the RF…

  • AD8309, evaluating phase variation over input level, and over frequency


    A customer is asking whether the data of phase variation which is attached, is within the scope of specification of AD8309 ?

    Details how they measured is not known, but only information I have is they are evaluating AD8309 Evaluation Board, assuming…

  • FAQ: AD8309 Limiter impedance


    What is the impedance of the limiter in the AD8309?



    The limiter used in the AD8309 is an open collector circuit. The impedance is determined by the…

  • RE: 对数放大器选型

    可以看一下AD8306  AD8307  AD8309/10

  • AD8309: Overshoot atfer rise time

    I use a AD8309 in RSSI mode.
    There is an overshoot after the rise time: Why ?


    The overshoot you have observed is basically the nature of the AD8309 output
    stage, it takes a few moments to settle. There are one of two things to deal