• FAQ: AD8309 Limiter impedance


    What is the impedance of the limiter in the AD8309?



    The limiter used in the AD8309 is an open collector circuit. The impedance is determined by the value…

  • FAQ: AD8309 Limiter output swing


    As per the AD8309 data sheet the limited output VLIM = VS – 400 mV × RLOAD/RLIM (data sheet page no:17). In our design we have RLOAD=499 ohms & RLIM = 402 ohms. For this we are getting 250 mV output in each pin. It didn't match with the given relation…

  • AD8309: Limiter Amplifier

    Could you give me more information on the Limiter Amplifier?


    The AD8309 can provide a large voltage gain combined with
    progressivecompression, through which an IF signal of high dynamic range is
    converted into a square-wave (that is, hard limited…

  • AD8309: Overshoot atfer rise time

    I use a AD8309 in RSSI mode.
    There is an overshoot after the rise time: Why ?


    The overshoot you have observed is basically the nature of the AD8309 output
    stage, it takes a few moments to settle. There are one of two things to deal
  • Is there any AD8309 spice model or how to simulate AD8309?

    I need to simulate AD8309,but ADI doesn't offer the spice model, is there any way to simulate AD8309


  • RE: AD8309对数放大器限幅输出振荡




  • AD8309 to Control ADL5530 RF Gain Stage

    Good morning-

    I'm planning to use an AD8309 as an IF limiter for an all-analog FM receiver design. While I realize that FM doesn't typically call for any type of AGC, I would like to use the VLOG/RSSI output to control the gain of an ADL5530 in the RF…

  • RE: Reducing AD8309 RSSI baseline

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