• AD8307

    Can AD8307 be used to measure the power output of 433.92 ASK Transmitter ?

  • RE: AD8307: Mixed mode S Parameter

    Hello Gamariei,

    The S11 file is on the AD8307 device home page.  Here is the link:


  • AD8307: What is the input impedance of AD8307?

    What is the input impedance of AD8307?


    We don't specify the input impedence directly, but as it is an input to an
    operational Amplifier, its in the Mohm range. More significant is the input
    bias current which for the AD8607 ( for…
  • RE: ad8307 dc offset and oscillation on output

    Hi Ray,

    It looks like we recommend the AD8310 as a replacement part for the AD8307.  We know longer make eval boards for the AD8307.

    Stability is probably better with the AD8310 as well.

    Hope this helps,


  • RE: AD8307 in radio telescope

    Uh oh, I didn't know I was infamous...   

    One point of clarification: the AD603 is a variable gain amplifier, not a log amp.  You can't really cascade any of ADI's log amps, so your best bet is to add some gain and filtering before the log amp, if…

  • Use of AD8307

    I've designed and built a scalar network analyzer based on the AD9851 and AD8307.  I intend to submit an article to the QST magazine, but I need to validate some things.  First of all, both components work fabulously.  I implemented the 8307 receivers…

  • RE: AD8307 thermal coefficient and maximum junction temperature

    The AD8307 comes in two packages.  Is your anticipated package going to be a PDIP or a SOIC_N?

  • RE: 对数放大器选型

    可以看一下AD8306  AD8307  AD8309/10

  • AD8307 - Will production continue?


    A couple of questions on the AD8307.

    I'm using the AD8307 at very low frequency operation, and using the recommended configuration on page 22 of the manual (fig.44)

    it works well.

    1 - On very low frequency operation, there's always a DC…