• AD8307: What is the input impedance of AD8307?

    What is the input impedance of AD8307?


    We don't specify the input impedence directly, but as it is an input to an
    operational Amplifier, its in the Mohm range. More significant is the input
    bias current which for the AD8607 ( for…
  • AD8307 power meter


    I am not an expert in RF; I am trying to design a signal power meter for satellite application using AD8307 log Amp.

    Below is the schematic that uses BPF (BPF-C70+) to filter unwanted signals and to allow only 70MHz signals. I am able to see the 70Mhz…

  • AD8307

    Can AD8307 be used to measure the power output of 433.92 ASK Transmitter ?

  • AD8307 DC Operation

    I'd like to use the AD8307 to produce an output voltage proportional to the log of an input signal, including its DC component. It is claimed that the amplifier works from DC to 500 MHz, but for the most part revision E of the datasheet (which I presume…

  • AD8307 in radio telescope

    I am designing a radio telescope, a device that requires a very stable gain as well as being able to detect signals of very low power.  For example, one of the signals I am targeting has a strength of -160 dBm.  Of course, this will be amplified by my pre…

  • AD8307 Slope Measurements

    I am hoping for some advice on measuring the mV/dB slope of the AD8307 in our application . We use it in a solar radio spectrometer, which receives solar emissions at 45 to 870 MHz and down-converts thru two conversion stages to 10.7 MHz IF. The IF noise…

  • Use of AD8307

    I've designed and built a scalar network analyzer based on the AD9851 and AD8307.  I intend to submit an article to the QST magazine, but I need to validate some things.  First of all, both components work fabulously.  I implemented the 8307 receivers…

  • AD8307's datasheet mistake?

    Hi, everybody.

    I'm currently working on a SWR/RF Power meter using two AD8307. I would like to use the same circuit that appears on page 21 (or 22 from the beginning of pdf file) under title "1uW to 1kW 50 Ohm Power Meter". The application note says…

  • AD8307 - Will production continue?


    A couple of questions on the AD8307.

    I'm using the AD8307 at very low frequency operation, and using the recommended configuration on page 22 of the manual (fig.44)

    it works well.

    1 - On very low frequency operation, there's always a DC…

  • AD8307: Mixed mode S Parameter

    Hello all,

    For a particular case,  I'm looking for S Parameters (S11 actually) of AD8307 in mixed mode to have an overview of the input impedance in differential mode driving.
    Is it possible to have a touchstone file with S11 in this way?

    Thank you…