• AD8306 Logarithmic Amplifier Noise


    I'm analyzing the signal to noise ratio of a system which includes an AD8306. I'm using the logarithmic amplifier output VLOG, and I'm interested in the noise contribution og the RSSI path. So basically I'm interested in the SNR as a function of…

  • AD8306 input signal level spec's

    In perusing the AD8306 datasheet, I see we've listed the max input level (single ended) at +20dBm.  If my conversions are correct, this allows for a +/- 3.16v signal to be applied to the part.  Wouldn't this condition cause a signal below ground to…

  • AD8306 optimum working frequency

    Hello, if You look at picture n°8 in the datasheet (rev A) of AD8306, it appears that the best working frequency should be somewhere around 100 MHz.

    Have You tested this device at more diffrerent closer frequencies around 100 MHz (for instance, 85, 90…

  • AD8306: Time constant required for the dc-offset

    The AD8306 datasheet  mentions a "special dc-offset sensing cell" (page 7) to
    null residual input offset. For our fast optical range finding application I
    would be interested in the time constant (response time) of this dc-offset…
  • Can AD8306 be used as an AGC amplifier


       I'm a bit confused about AD8306.Can this chip control the output amplitude?Can it be used as an AGC amplifier?


  • AD8306, AD8309 limiting amplifier initial phase delay, pulsed RF

    Can the AD8306, AD8309 limiting amplifier initial phase delay can be estimated, with an input RF pulse applied. In other words, would the limiter phase response traverse the same phase plot, even though the input power is changing rapidly?

  • AD8306存在自激振荡现象,什么原因?


  • Can anyone help me to get the Spice model for Logairthmatic amplifier AD8306?

    Can anyone help me to get the Spice model for Logairthmatic amplifier AD8306?

  • The AD8306 datasheet claims an extra 18dB gain using the programmable output stage.  Will 100 dB dynamic range be achieved with evaluation board, or are external components needed?

    I'm interested in simply an RF input and measure Vout to -80 dBm sensitivity.  Will this be achieved with eval board.  What's the typical configuration for highest dynamic range?  Thanks


  • RE: What is the difference b/w AD8306ARZ & AD8309ARUZ Log amplifiers

    Hi Sugumar,

    There are some slight differences between the AD8306 and the AD8309.  One of which is the frequency response of the limiter output: 585 MHz for the AD8306 vs.  875 MHz for the AD8309.  Note we test to 500 MHz for the AD8309 and only to 400 MHz…