• AD8304's PSRR

    I wanted to know the PSRR of AD8304, but I cannot find it from the datasheet. I
    can find this parameter from the differential amplifiers or instrumentation
    amplifiers. Why Log detector does not have this parameter? Is it because the
  • AD8304: RFI issue

    When I am using the phone just beside the AD8304, it will work abnormally. I
    added shield for AD8304 and re-measure but the problem still exist. Would you
    kindly give some professional suggestions on this issue?


    This problem could be…
  • AD8304  bandwidth

    I try to measure the bandwidth of AD8304;  I want to know how to measure the bandwidth of the log amplifier and formula of calculation;  Thank you!




  • AD8304 noise estimation


    I am just reviewing the spec sheet of this device and am looking for some feedback on noise estimation at 1-KHz to determine ADC performance. 

    The shaded table cells are my estimation from the graph data


    From graph 9 on page 5 of the datasheet…

  • AD8304 Altium & SPICE parts

    Hey Guys,

    I was looking around the documentation for the AD8304 chip, and I was wondering if it has files to work with Altium Designer or SPICE (particularly I use LTSPICE over ORCAD for the time being). I cannot find any, so I was wondering if I could…

  • AD8304: online tool intercept current.

    The customer who is using AD8304 and the online tool to test their circuits. I
    would like to confirm with you that if the Intercept value mentioned in the
    online tool should be fixed to 1e-10A, that is 100pA. And if the Iz mentioned
  • AD8304 and frequency calculation/measurement


    I want to use the AD8304 to measure optical power (10dbm to -60dbm), but I also need to calculate the pulsed light frequency (270Hz to 2000Hz) of the signal when it's not in "continuous" mode. What would be my best route of doing it? I'm thinking…

  • Vout of AD8304

     What is the calculation formula for this circuit? How to calculate the value of VOUT?

  • AD8304 Intercept Calculate tool


    Do you have AD8304 Intercept Calculate tool ?

    Previously, although I think that it was in HP.

    Best regards.

  • Max Vlog of AD8304

    What is the max output voltage at vlog of ad8304 when the slope is changed to 62.5mV/decade and intercept to 57fA?