• RE: ADL5315 interfacing with AD8304 - IOUT Voltage Compliance

    The 6.5V on the INPT pin on the ADL5315 will not be copied onto the IOUT pin.  IOUT is a current source, so some other mechanism should be setting the voltage on IOUT.  If you have the IOUT connected to INPT of the AD8304, the op-amp in the feedback path…

  • RE: Max Vlog of AD8304

    Hi Ayovi,

    Please see this link. AD8304: and its online tool use. It will help you with design concerns, but I believe 196mV/decade is the minimum slope that AD8304 would operate. could verify your desing requirements.



  • AD8304  bandwidth

    I try to measure the bandwidth of AD8304;  I want to know how to measure the bandwidth of the log amplifier and formula of calculation;  Thank you!




  • RE: How to use the LTC6102 to measure capacitor charging current from 1uA to 1A at 1000V?

    Hi Habil,

    I'll let someone else answer your LTC6102 question. 

    Another solution to consider might be a log amp such as AD8304. You could use a 1000:1 resistive current divider in the return leg of the capacitor, and run the i/1000 sense current into…

  • RE: AD8304's internal buffer and VPDB not working as expected?


    Moved this question about AD8304 here in RF and Microwave community. would be able to help you.


  • RE: 如何放大10nV 直流信号


  • AD8304 Intercept Calculate tool


    Do you have AD8304 Intercept Calculate tool ?

    Previously, although I think that it was in HP.

    Best regards.

  • RE: 1uA abd 20Mhz current source with ADL5315

    To a first order, the bandwidth is set by the input current (I_in) and the junction capacitance (Cj) of the transistor in the current mirror.  The input current sets the gm (=I_in/Vt) of the transistor, which is 1/r_e.  So the 3 dB bandwidth becomes: 1/(2*pi…

  • AD8304 and frequency calculation/measurement


    I want to use the AD8304 to measure optical power (10dbm to -60dbm), but I also need to calculate the pulsed light frequency (270Hz to 2000Hz) of the signal when it's not in "continuous" mode. What would be my best route of doing it? I'm thinking…