• AD8302 Phase Detector


    I have been confused with the phase detector definition in AD8302 datasheet. On the first page, it says that "The AD8302 includes a phase detector of the multiplier type". But on page 15, the phase detector is said to be an XOR digital type.…

  • AD8302 - Phase Measurement


    I am taking phase difference measurements using the AD8302. 

    I have used a VNA to make a graph of phase difference vs. AD8302 output voltage shown below.

    What I am finding is that if the the phase of a port is shifted from where I took the VNA readings…

  • AD8302 Phase accuracy

    Good afternoon support,

    Thanks for this fantastic service on top of your great products.

    Hereby my question for the AD8302: I want to calculate the phase difference from 0° to 0.07° from 2 square signals. They are in a frequency range from 1 MHz to 150…

  • AD8302 Linearity Measurements


    I am attempting to verify the linearity of the AD8302 evaluation board at 2.4GHz.  I first tested the board as was specified in the datasheet:  I used two RF sources, offset slightly in frequency (approximately 100 kHz).  The output power of one…

  • AD8302 reflectometer 2.4GHz


    I would like to use AD8302 to design a reflectometer at 2.4GHz. According to the datasheet page 17, the input impedance can be approximated by a shunt resistor in parallel with a capacitor. I want to use the circuit of reflectometer as shown in…

  • AD8302 and AD9834

    hi! Can anyone help me on AD8302 and AD9834 relevant queries for application development. I shall be highly grateful and thanks in advance.

  • AD8302 Phase Measurement


    I want to use AD8302 board and I want to start characterize the board, I noticed in other discussions that when two signals are exactly the same the phase should be around 900 mv, right? because of internal phase shift? then again if I want to characterize…

  • AD8302 MFLT


    In case that Magnitude Output is not used, does MFLT pin need termination or it can be left open?

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  • AD8302 -EVAL


    Few days ago I got AD8302's evaluation board and firstly I'd like asking if there are examples for getting started with this board...

    My first question is..

    Any signal that I fed at INPA or INPB must be in the range of 223 uV to 223mV?…

  • AD8302 Accuracy

    Hello Analog,

    I have two sine wave signals, say A and B. Each has identical frequency (maybe out of phase) anywhere between 5-100MHz and amplitude over 60dB range (1:1000).

    However, at any specific time, the maximum difference in amplitude between signal…