• AD8302 - Measurement mode and comparator mode

    I have EVAL-AD8302-ARDZ board.I like to know the difference between measurement and comparator mode. My plan is to use this board for a phase-locked loop experiment and would like to know whether it can be used in measurement mode?

  • EVAL-AD8302-ARDZ with Arduino boards

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post here, so apologies if this is the wrong place for my question.

    I am trying to measure the reflection coefficient of a DUT (Device under test) using the AD8302 evaluation board (EVAL-AD8302-ARDZ). I understand that…

  • AD8302 and log-amps for phase detection

    Hi, I was reading with interest some phase detection circuits' datasheet proposed by Analog. In particular, I was reading of the AD8302 so a conceptual question has popped out into my mind.

    I am new to log-amps theory and I would be glad to go deep…

  • EVAL-AD8302-ARDZ


    I am using EVAL-ADC8302-ARDZ to make time delay measurements from the phase-difference measurements. We have downloaded and compiled the python development exe file and are running the system in a command line mode. We have added a line of code to continuously…

  • AD8302 evaluation board information

    Does any information about the eval board AD8302-EVALZ exist? Beside the Gerber


    You should find a lot of eval board stuff on page 21 of the AD8302 datasheet
    rev. A. 
    Also, attached are the schematic, .brd file, and BOM.

  • AD8302 Full phase detection

    I have purchased an AD8302 evaluation board and am looking to use it to detect
    a phase difference of the incoming signals. Is it possible to tell the
    difference between a positive and negative phase difference as as far as I can
    see they…
  • AD8302: Offsetting the phase output

    With AD8302, is there a simple circuit layout that lets me offset phase
    detection response? For example, I'd like to have maximum value, 1.8V, when
    phase difference is -45 degrees, avoiding to use a phase shifter on inputs.


    It is…
  • AD8302: Hot to measure +/- 180deg phase

    I am interested in a build a Vector Network Analyzer but AD8302 can  only
    detect +-90 degrees.
    To make a good Vector Network Analyzer its not necessary to detect +-180


    IN fact the AD8302 allows you to measure 0 to 180deg…
  • AD8302's Small Signal Envelope Bandwidth

    I am not sure about "Small Signal Envelope Bandwidth" mentioned in the section
    of SPECIFICATIONS. Would you please help explain below parameter?


    the small signal bandwidth is essentially the bandwidth of the device's output …