• RE: tuner or filter to separate frequency for AD8302

    Hi Kusiuhf,

    AD8302 can be useful for the phase measurement, just be advised that there is a phase ambiguity inherent with AD8302. Its described on datasheet pages 15 and 16 (see Figure 5). 

    If this a direction finding application, you might consider a…

  • RE: How do compensate AD8302 IC for low frequency range of 1Hz to 1MHz?

    To calculate the resistor value from the output voltage of AD8302,I use the equations for VMAG and VPHS mentioned in the datasheet of AD8302:

  • RE: AD8302 - problem with detecting Vphs

    C1 and C2 are quite small considering the frequencies you are operating at. Please see attached applications note on operating detectors at low frequency.  The AD8302 is towards the end of the document.

    What is the phase supposed to be at the two impedance…

  • AD8302 overheating

    I've been using two AD8302 modules for a project where S-parameters are measured. There are multiple functions, each with different codes and commands, supplying frequency sweeps from 0 to 4GHz at 0dB. Since the AD8302 is connected to directional couplers…

  • Phase difference measurement using AD8302


    I want to use the AD8302 to find the phase difference of two RF signals each a sine wave of 10Vpk and a frequency of around 13MHz.

    How can these signals be made compatible with AD8302 inputs?

    Also in order to use AD8302 at 13MHz input frequency…

  • AD8302

    We intend to use AD8302 for phase measurements. As per the datasheet there is non linearity near 0 degree and 180 degree. For our application, phase diffrence of 0 to 30 degree is vimportant. should we provide an intentional 90 degree phase shift in one…

  • RE: how to store data from DC890B evaluation board into PC in excel format using Pscope software

    Please take a look at the AD8302 product page:


    There are two available evaluation boards: one has analog outputs that you can input to DC1945A, and another board is an Arduino shield with…

  • RE: Software GUI for EVAL-AD8302-ARDZ


    Can I get "power_detector.exe" file to test EVAL-AD8302-ARDZ with EVAL-ADICUP3029 ?

    Email : jw.lee@awc.co.kr


  • RE: AD9854

    Dear Sittie,

    Let me first congratulate you for drafting such a beautiful response for me.

    Well, still matter remains, as you are  hitting incomplete exactly to where and what it should have been.

    Before, adding my inputs, I would wonder and request…