• AD8295 spice model

    I'd like to use the AD8295 to design analog chain of pressure sensor treatment
    with high precision required. The domain is aero. How can I simulate, with
    spice, the AD8295. Do you have a model ? Must I use several discrete models ?
  • Drive capabilities of the A2 op-amp in the AD8295


    I'm looking for the drive capabilities of the 'A2' op-amp in the AD8295.  Ideally a figure showing the output voltage swing vs. output current. Something similar to figures 20 and 24 in the ADA4691 datasheet.

    More specifically I would…

  • RE: AD8295 Single-Supply

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  • Use AD8295 for Loadcell Amplifier Board

    Hello, I'm making a loadcell amplifier board. Input from -18mVDC to +18mVDC. Output +-2.5V. Input signal frequency from 0 to 14Hz. I have made a design as the attach. The total gain changes from about 140 to 50 according to real condition.

    - First…

  • Replacing AD624 with AD8295

    Hi all,

    We are using AD624 Instrumentation Amplifier for our signal Conditioning Application for Strain gauge based sensor like Force and Torque Sensors.  Here we get Voltage in mV and we are using AD624 as IA and then a second order Butter worth filter…

  • AD8295 to AD7690 Reference Design Problem

    I recently built the reference design included with the AD8295 datasheet, which uses the AD8295 to differentially drive an AD7690 ADC chip.  This is a very compact implementation but I can't seem to get it to work correctly.

    That said, I notice that…

  • RE: Dual LTC6373 (in series) driving AD4134 channel

    Hi Steve,

    Yes, I was going to suggest ADA4254 and ADA4255, they are very suitable for your gain requirements. We do have AD8222 with high gain capability and about 8nV/rtHz noise and AD8295 with high gain capability and 8nV/rtHz input noise. Unfortunately…

  • RE: 仪表放大器选型:输入差分电压+-30V,单电源运放3.3V,请推荐一款仪表放大器


  • RE: integrated unity gain amplifier for driving null offset adjustment reference input

    Hello Emman,

    I have waited to be noticed in my email message box for an answer. I have to measure a current by means of a shunt in a variable temperature environment in which the amount of offset voltage is significant. Also, I want to use as few components…