• AD8293G80 issue

    Dear Sir:

                    We want to used AD8293G80 for current sensing application and We tried to follow schematic of datasheet page 12. But we got opposite direction of current from AD8293G80.(Vout is 2.xV). Does there have tyro of datasheet?



  • Problem with AD8293G80

    I am trying out the AD8293G80 as a possible replacement for our current IA. The IA is used to amplify the output of a pressure sensor and pass the output to an A/D. I have hooked the AD8293 up as indicated in the data sheet but the output (either pin…

  • The AD8293G80 amplifier doesn't work


    There is a design with the AD8293G80 which should be used to measure voltages from 0 to 10 volts. (Input)

    The output voltage must be from 0 to 3.3V.

    The circuit designed is shown in the following figure.

    5V is connected between terminals AN0…

  • AD8293G80/AD8293G160 Overall Bandwidth


    The datasheet for AD8293G160 shows how two 700Hz filters are used in conjunction to form a 500Hz bandwidth.

    For my application, I will be sampling at 200Hz and a would like to filter out (most) frequencies above 67.7Hz. I plan to use the recommended…

  • RE: Using AD8293G80 for pressure sensor reading amplification

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  • AD8293G80 , Is it possible to change the gain by adding external resistor?

    Hi There,

    I am considering using a AD8293G80 as the front end for a DC current sensor, but I need a gain of ~50 rather than the preset gain of 80.

    This amplifier has provision for adding an external filter capacitor to roll-off the gain, and according…

  • RE: Is it possible to compensate the gain drift of the AD8421 with a resistor of known drift in ppm/°C ?

    Hi Pierre-Alain,


    The gain drift might be reduced by choosing an external gain resistor with a negative temperature coefficient. But note that on our specification we only guarantee max gain drift and therefore we really don't know the actual value which…

  • RE: 放大器选型


  • RE: AD623测量热电偶时的一些问题

    R21 0R未连接?





    建议评估下AD8226/AD8221,或者超便宜的固定增益的AD8293G80/160,或者索性一步到位,用热电偶场合专用ADC, AD7124-4/8, 不需编程配置的AD7782之类。

  • RE: Question about GAIN Temp Drift of AD8227 and Error Budget Analysis

    Hello OrlandoGri,

    Drift is the value assigned to the change of a given parameter over temperature. Like any change, only has two ways to go: either an increase or a decrease. When no sign is given, you can assume that the value in question will increase…