• AD8293G160


    I'm not quite sure how the reference pin effects the output. If  I'm using single supply operation of 3.3V and will bias the reference pin at half of this, would this result in the output being at 1.65V for a differential input voltage of 0V or…

  • Problem with AD8293G160


    I have a problem with AD8293G160. (please see PDF attachment).

    The Gain in my test is not 160. What is wrong?

    This is my first thermocouple circuit and i selected AD8293G160 for it's very low cost.

    I absolutely need a very cheap circuit for…

  • AD8293G160 EMC Considerations

    We use the AD8293G160 to amplify a strain gauge that measures water pressure in a household or commercial environment.  It's a product that has been out there for a while now, but we've had a number of suspected EMC issues.  The effect of these…

  • AD8293G80/AD8293G160 Overall Bandwidth


    The datasheet for AD8293G160 shows how two 700Hz filters are used in conjunction to form a 500Hz bandwidth.

    For my application, I will be sampling at 200Hz and a would like to filter out (most) frequencies above 67.7Hz. I plan to use the recommended…

  • AD8293G160 Spice Model & Bandwidth


    I am looking for a spice model for the AD8293G, is there one that can be provided? 

    Further, can you clarify what the maximum bandwidth of the AD8239 is able to achieve while maintaining the gain?  From the datasheet you can set the output filter…

  • RE: Load Cell Amplifier

    Hi Scott,

    Do you recommend AD8293G160? 160 Fixed gain is suited for my resolution.


  • RE: 放大器选型


  • RE: Is it possible to compensate the gain drift of the AD8421 with a resistor of known drift in ppm/°C ?

    Hi Pierre-Alain,


    The gain drift might be reduced by choosing an external gain resistor with a negative temperature coefficient. But note that on our specification we only guarantee max gain drift and therefore we really don't know the actual value which…

  • RE: ADC conversion using Instrumentation Amplifier

    Hi DC,

    I doubt the drift of the DAC will be the limiting factor for your system.  The effect of the DAC drift will be divided by the gain of the instrumentation amplifier.  I pulled up an inexpensive DAC from the ADI website:  the AD5601, which has 5 uV…

  • Current sense to digital output

    I have a high side current sense resistor of 2.5 milliohm, with 0..15A current.
    I want to set up a system that will light an LED when the current is above
    approx 200mA. I was thinking of using the AD8237 and the ADCMP341. My thinking