• I'm using ADIsimPE to model a non-inverting AD829 amplifier, gain=21 (Rf=1 kOhm, Rg=50 Ohms).  I get an output noise much higher than expected for the AD829 noise specs.  Is the noise not modeled in the AD829 SPICE model?  Thanks

    The AD829 circuit I built (again, non-inverting gain=21) has a measured noise approximately what's predicted from the AD829 noise specs, in disagreement with the ADsimPE simulation.

  • AD829 compensation capacitor

    I use AD829 to realize inverting amplifier (Gain=-1). Figure 26 is the schematic. And I choose CLEAD=5pF,CCOMP=25pF as Table I shows.

    But the output is strange, which is showed below.

    Why will appear the phenomenon? Thank you for your answer.

  • AD829 stability


    Is the AD829 stable in the following conditions ? What is the Phase Margin ?

    - CL=150pF capacitor load

    - RL=~1kohms resistor load

    - Vs = +/- 5V

    - Ccomp = 15pF to inverted input

    I attached the schematic (VEE = -5V and VCC = +5V).

    Can I simulate…

  • Alternatives to the AD829

    Alternatives to the AD829


    I can recommend alternatives though. Other single high speed opamps with
    Bandwidth > 120MHz and Slew rate > 230V/us are

    AD811 Single
    AD818 Single
    AD815 Dual
    AD828 Dual

    You will open up…
  • Harmonic distortion about operational amplifiers(AD829)

    I have a few questions about harmonic distortion as follows:

    1.  In a specific circuit, we assume that there is no phase delay to the circuit, what about the relative phase between the fundamental wave and its 2nd harmonic distortion for a single-tone…

  • Using AD829 as a low-pass filter

    Hello, I want to use AD829 as a low-pass filter, dose it work stable in the following conditions?

    - Clead=100pF capacitor

    - R2=~2kohms resistor load


    - Vs = +/- 5V

    - Ccomp = 7pF to ground

    The circuit schematic is same as figure 36 in datasheet…

  • Resistor Divider Output changes when connected with AD829


         I attached my schematic here.

         I used four types of voltage dividers for my Analog Inputs. (10k-10k, 82k-12k, 1k-10k, 82k-22k). The Voltage Divider Outputs are given to ADG1206 Multiplexer. The Multiplexer Output is given to AD829 Opamp. The Opamp…

  • RE: ADA4084 SPICE Model

    I used the AD829 spice model since it is the model automatically downloaded in the product page. Can you attach your symbols for AD829 and ADA4084? so that I can run the schematic you sent me in your previous reply.


  • RE: Heat problem in AD811ANZ



      You could consider switching to the ADA4948-1 or the AD829, both have lower supply current.


  • 跨阻放大器的压摆率会随着放大倍数的增加而变化吗?