• AD8285 channel

    Can AD8285 be sampled using channel B (or C, D) alone? How to set it up?
  • AD8285


  • AD8285

    1.Chip clock and power supply are all normal,but the output of AD8285 is always a constant.why?

    2.DSYNC pin output has no value.why?

    3.If we do not configure the SPI,will AD have an output?

    4.We detect that each of the pins of the SPI is configured to be…

  • AD8285 Application problem


    When using the AD8285 for the first time, I would like to ask questions about CLK+, CLK-. I created two routes through the AD9515BCPZ (clk is 40mHz). 

    Output Phase offset = 0;

    OUT0 Can Be Divided by 16; 


    OUT1: LVDS 

    Out0 is provided…

  • AD8285 data

    Hello ADI team.

    i use the  AD8285 in 24GHz radar. but  the ad data  snr is small than the datasheet .if you can give  a data the AD8283CP-EBZ。Use the development board to sample a fixed frequency signal and provide the data to me. Sample point 512 can be used…

  • AD8285 SPI ISSUE

    We have been trying to read/write to AD8285 using SPI & its not working ( see below detail)

    Based on the datasheet we pulled CS low & provided 16Bit control/Address data & provided addition 8 pulses of clk to read data. We are always reading '0'…

  • AD8285 Channel delay

    We used 4 channels of  AD8285. As datasheet, "Channel A is usually the first converted input", but we found CH-D is the first converted input.

    We input the same sine wave to 4 channels. ADC setting is 

    adc_spi_write ( 0x0C, 0x06 ); // adc output…

  • AD8283/AD8285 input current noise


    Is there any ballpark data on AD8283/AD8285 input current noise density available?

    Datasheets, understandably, only specify voltage noise as AD8283/AD8285 are supposed to be driven from low-impedance sources

    Best regards,

  • AD8285 and AD8333 interfacing

    I want to digitize the AD8333 quadrature demodulator output by AD8285. The IF can be from DC to ~10 MHz. So i have to feed the IF from demodulator to ADC directly or through baseband amplifier without the AC coupling capacitors. How should i do that?…

  • AD8285 DC input response

    What about the response to a DC input voltage. 
    What will be the output code if I apply a differential voltage of 25 mV plus an AC signal while at a frequency of 10 kHz?
    What is the maximum common-mode voltage at the LNA input.