• RE: (AD8280)To use at 12V Li.-ion .

    Hi Kawa-san,

    Unfortunately, the AD8280 temperature range can not be extended to 125C without a significant amount of re-qualification. The AD8280 is a good candidate for applications requiring a hardware monitor to check 4 x 3V cells for over an under…

  • AD8280 self-test content



    We intend to use the AD8280 safety environment. The content description of the self test is rather slight in the datasheet.

    As the diagnostic is a very important part of our project, we need to know what is precisely performed in the self-test…

  • RE: AD8280:What is the LDO min overhead voltage

    Hi Luke,

    I already emailed the product owner of the AD8280 regarding your question. I will get back to you as soon as I hear anything.

    Best regards,


  • AD8280: (Apparent) inconsistencies between AbsMax and data sheet

    Dear all,

    We have selected the AD8280 as a secondary safety monitor in our BMS for a LiFePO4 stack.

    In working on the design I have run into a few apparent internal inconsistencies in the data sheet that I would like to have resolved before going into…

  • AD8280 - Hysteresis on OV, UV and OT Trip Points


    I'm using the AD8280 in a Lithium Polymer Battery Pack Monitoring System as safety device (together with the AD7280A device used as main monitoring device).

    While testing the system functionality I found that the trip points of Overvoltage…

  • Reconfigurable battery stack AD8280 design.

    Is there a way to design a reconfigurable (i.e. via microcontroller FW and some analog switches) AD8280 design in order to implement one board for 3 to 6 cells connected in series? The number of battery stacked should be a FW hard-coded parameter.

  • RE: BMS with Li-Battery


    I am not familiar with how parallel batteries are monitored, balanced and protected.

    Analog Devices has some devices for series connected LI batteries such as the AD7280A and AD8280.

    ADI offers the main components required for a complete Li-ion…

  • RE: Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries


    I am not familiar with these type of batteries but in general Lithium batteries need to be charged with a constant current until they reach full charge, and then you scale back the current (CC + CV loop)

    This is typically implemented in integrated…

  • EVAL-CN0235-SDPZ评估板驱动问题




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