• RE: AD8276 question


    The B grade has better specification than A grade in terms of Offset, Temp Coefficient, and Gain error and Nonlinearity.

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  • AD8276


    I have some problems with a AD8276 after some hours the circuit burns off.

    the power supply is +/- 13 volts. The input signal does not exceed 10 volts and the load of the circuit in a 20kohms  resistor.

    do you have a explanation

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  • ad8276问题

    ad8276 输入热电偶信号,输出总是7点几个毫伏,为什么?

  • AD8276 Noise

    I have the AD8276 model in LTSpice running a noise analysis.  The results are far above expected from datasheet.  Could I please get some help with this?

  • AD8276烧坏几片了

    AD8276接成放大倍数为1的电路测量如图,输入信号为 :交流信号10mA*0.1mΩ+直流信号4V,结果芯片烧坏,不烫,但2,5脚的阻值由78K变化为48K

  • AD8276 output capacitive load drive capability

    I am using the AD8276 difference amplifier as a line driver.  How can I use the AD8276 to drive more than the 200pF listed in the datasheet?

  • Temp Soldering for AD140x @ AD8276.

    I couldn't find in documentation information on soldering temperature for AD140x @ AD8276. Whether there are to these line items any special requirements?

  • AD8276 (2 Ω ~ 30Ω)between +Vs and -Vs


        We have used AD8276 in our products, but we have a big problem, resistance between between  +Vs and -Vs  become (2 Ω ~ 30Ω)after temperature cycling experiment . before temperature cycling experiment, the product is OK, that Is why,thanks.

  • AD8276: What is maximum overload output current


    I have to protect the output of an AD8276 for short circuit and surge(!) conditions while delivering <100ppm accuracy.

    This is really a nasty job.

    I use +/-15V supply for this AD8276.

    In the Data sheet there is the information missing, what…

  • AD8277/AD8276 overvoltage/max input current


    We are using a AD8277 Unity-Gain Difference Amplifier and noticed that some parts spontaneous  break down which results in a short on their power pins.  I suspect this happens when a ungrounded device is connected to the inputs. This device floats…