• AD8276


    I have some problems with a AD8276 after some hours the circuit burns off.

    the power supply is +/- 13 volts. The input signal does not exceed 10 volts and the load of the circuit in a 20kohms  resistor.

    do you have a explanation

    best regard

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    Hi Thomas,

    Can you try the attached model?


  • AD8276 output capacitive load drive capability

    I am using the AD8276 difference amplifier as a line driver.  How can I use the AD8276 to drive more than the 200pF listed in the datasheet?

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    Hi ,

    Thank you so much! This is what I call a great support! Clear, fast and efficient!!!

    I tried to follow the article and included AD8276 in my LTSpice simulations. I used Spice model of AD8276 from here in order to create LTSpice model of AD8276…

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    What is the difference between AD8276A and AD8276B. They are at the end of the Data Sheet.


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    Do you think the AD8276 will be sufficient for the difference amplifier?

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    Hi Faisal,

    You could take a look at the AD8476 or the AD8276. Both of these parts have unity gain. The AD8476 is a newer part which has a differential output. The AD8276, on the other hand, has a single output only. The AD8276 has a lower bandwidth,…

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    I couldn't find in documentation information on soldering temperature for AD140x @ AD8276. Whether there are to these line items any special requirements?

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