• RE: cn-0209


    I require an output less than or equal to 3.3V at the output of AD8275.Can I get help regarding the supply voltage and reference voltage that is to be given to AD8275 for this?If I change the reference for AD8275,then I would need to generate this…

  • Is it possible to use voltage attenuator AD8275 for driving 24 bit ADC ADS1220, without adding input Op-amp buffer?

    I want to use AD8275 for attenuating the output from sensors varying from -10V to +10V, before giving to ADC.

    Is AD8275 meant to use only for driving 16 bit successive approximation ADC? Is it possible to use AD8275 for driving 24-bit ADS1220, which…

  • AD8275 questions


    1.What's difference between AD8275ARMZ and AD8275BRMZ?(Y13/Y1V)?

    2.Customer will to try AD8275 performance, in addition to the order EVAL-CN0209-SDPZ (CN0209) but also other methods?




  • RE: cn0209 bipolar unipolar

    Hi Francis,

    The CN0209 can accept up to ±10V signals, there is no need to change any settings in the AD7193 for different ranges.

    The output of the AD8275 should be 4.5V/2 = 2.25V for a 0V input. For a -10V input the gain of the AD8275 is 0.2, so the…

  • RE: AD8275 Accuracy Problem

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  • AD8275 internal resistor tolerance?


    I would like to know that is the absolute tolerance of the 50k ohm resistors inside the part. 


  • AD8275 rail-to-rail output ?

    The AD8275 is a level translator with rail-to-rail output.

    But if this is true why is there an output swing ?


    Output Swing

    (VREF2 = 4.096 V, REF1 and RL connected to GND, RL = 2 kΩ)

    −VS + 0.048                     +VS − 0.1

    I want to use this…

  • AD8275的使用



  • AD8275 datasheet rev.A issue

    In Page 4,


    I think the Vout here should be Vload, or (Vout - Vs/2).

    Is that right?



  • AD8428 AD8275 SPICE model ?

    Pls send the AD8428 & AD8275 SPICE model to me.


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