• AD8274 - common-mode voltage limits


    I'm using the AD8274 to measure the voltage of a cell (2V to 5V), with a 0V +7V supply voltage, coming form a buck converter. I'm using the G=1/2 configuration. 

    It looks the maximum common-mode voltage I can apply is +16V, then the output…

  • AD8274 单电源工作

    The AD8274 is specified at ±15 V, but it can be used with unbalanced supplies, as well. For example, −VS = 0 V, +VS = 20 V. The difference between the two supplies must be kept below 36 V


  • ad8274工作共模电问题

    问题:AD8274输出直流点产生偏移,理论上Vout的直流量应为2.5V,实测结果为3.3V,且在输入端口施加小信号激励时,输出没有任何变化; 测试条件:对AD8274 Vin+和Vin-输入为2.5V,REF点为2.5V,Vs+为5V,Vs-为0V按照AD8274参考手册中图40的方式连接,增益为0.5;

  • AD8274 -- how is common-mode voltage defined?

    Looking at the specs, in particular figures 8 and 10 on page 6, the common-mode voltage seems to be limited to 25V for +/-15V supplies.

    My question is:  where is that 25V measured?  At the pins of the IC, or at the inverting and non-inverting input pins…

  • 关于差动放大器AD8274的问题,请教ADI的工程师


  • RE: 差动放大器构成精密电流源的问题



  • RE: ICP Piezo Force Sensor Interface to microcontroller


    Quick question on your last circuit diagram. Is the AD8274 powered from 5 Volts or 24 Volts?



  • RE: What is the best op amp or in amp to dc offset a signal from cmos?


    Thank you for your recommandations.

    Actually i would like to you use AD8274 or AD8271 difference amplifier.

    Should i use buffer amplifier (like LT1818) at inputs?

  • encrypted models for amplifiers

    Original Question: encrypted models for amplifiers by timothy.starr


    We are currently running 7.2, but can not simulate ourentire circuit due to node restrictions.
    It seems that ADA4817, AD8274 and ADA4937 are not encrypted. Are there any plans to…