• AD8273 Datasheet 数据有错?

    AD8273 Datasheet 第四页,ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS  中 Voltage at Any Input Pin这个参数是40V,而其他同系列的都是-Vs+40V,AD8273的这个数据是不是错的?如果不是错的,那么与Figure 9的区域存在矛盾,两个中里面应该有一个是错误的analogchina-admineazone

  • PSpice model of AD8273 amplifier

    I required the PSpice model of the AD8273 but as it is not available on the website. Can you possibly provide me the nearest equivalent PSpice model of AD8273?

    If the nearest equivalent model is not available can you let me know how to simulate the above…

  • AD8273共模电压范围疑问


    根据datasheet 第3页,Vs=正负15V,

    Input Voltage Range
    -3VS + 4.5 +3VS - 4.5



    Figure 9的曲线又改怎样理解?共模电压不能超过正负25V?



  • Discrete or integrated difference amplifier?

    Why should I use one of ADI's integrated difference amplifiers (AD8276, AD8273), rather than building a discrete solution with an op-amp and four resistors?

  • Source impedance for driving difference amplifiers


    I am designing a conditioning circuit for a MEMS analog microphone and I would like to use an IC for single-ended-to-differential conversion in order to have a balanced line output capable of driving twisted-pair cables. I found that the difference…

  • AD977XA Output Stage


    I'm designing a circuit around the AD977XA series (specifically, the AD9778A) of high-speed DACs. I'm not too experienced so wanted to get some general feedback/background/context on the output stage. I will be updating the AD9778A at 50 MHz and…

  • RE: How do I design an attenuator using OpAmp?

    Hi Naji,

    In addition to the considerations that Harry has given, you can also take a look at our AD8275, which is a G=0.2 difference amplifier. With a 0-10V input, it will give you a 0-2V output (or you can level-shift the output) so it won't give you…

  • RE: AD8237 output oscillates sporadically as the output voltage increases

    Hi mehran.rizi@bd.com,

    Thanks for running the experiment.

    I've seen some instability issues resolved by adding a series RC shunt to the output. This will have no effect on your low frequency / DC accuracy.

    Also, I wanted to point out to make sure…

  • AD8220 driving long cables/capacitances differential

    Hello everyone,

    for my current design I plan to use the IA AD8220 (Gain: ~20dB, frequency: DC-10kHz) to readout a audio piezo transducer. The output signals has to be differential since it's connected to a high resolution diff-adc (24bits). Amplifier…