• Driving ADC AD7631 using AD8421 and AD8271


    Please refer the attachment for schematic.

    I am working on multi channel Data acquisition system. Each channel is sampled and quantized in 25 us.

    AD7631, 18 Bit ADC, is used in this design. As per the information given in the ADC datasheet, a RF…

  • RE: 热文分享丨内置增益设置电阻的放大器和分立差动放大器之间有什么区别?



    AD8271采用10引脚MSOP封装。该器件可以采用单电源或双电源供电,最大电源电流仅为2.6 mA。额定温度范围为−40°C至+85°C工业温度范围,并且完全符合RoHS标准。


  • RE: CN0312双通道色度计的光电二极管为什么是正偏?


  • RE: What is the best op amp or in amp to dc offset a signal from cmos?


    Thank you for your recommandations.

    Actually i would like to you use AD8274 or AD8271 difference amplifier.

    Should i use buffer amplifier (like LT1818) at inputs?

  • RE: Current shunt negative voltage and negative low current

    Hi F. Buonomo,

    Please check this great article for the different current sense topologies and some information on the consideration and how to use them. I think the one shown on Figure 1 d is a good approach.

    With regards to the parts, please have a look…

  • RE: AD8429 gain switching

    Hello Bdolf,

    You have pointed out many valid points. Instrumentation amplifiers like AD8429 don't lend themselves very well to build fast and precise PGIAs because of the problems you mention in your post, being the parasitics added to the RG pins one…

  • RE: AD620 as a voltage to current converter

    Hi Peter,

    I talked to an in amp designer about this question.  He mentioned that it might be possible that the short circuit current limit is engaging, although he would be surprised.  The short circuit current limit is something we spec as a typical number…

  • ADI双光束分光光度计相关方案,你知道多少?



  • RE: 分光光度计资料大全


    分光光度计最重要的产品特性就是稳定性,包括三个方面的稳定性要求:随时间和温度的漂移是非常重要的考虑因素; 需要低漂移的精确信号链; 双光束架构也是重要因素。