• AD8264 with ADC

    Good day!

    I am going to use AD8264 with ADC ADS5482. For a full-scale differential input of ADS5482, each of the differential lines of the input signal swings symmetrically between (3.1 V + 0.75 V) and (3.1 V – 0.75 V). To perform this condition I  want…

  • AD8264 as integrator


    I would like to build a PI controller based on the AD8264 VGA. The amplifier is mounted on one of your EVAL boards.

    What would be your suggestion of where in the circuit to put the additional capacitors and resistors?

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  • RE: AD8264 OFSx bias current


    I had verified this with the application engineer of AD8264. He said that the AD8264 output buffer was composed or based on AD8130 Differential Receiver amplifier. As per the datasheet, the typical input bias current of AD8130 is +/- 0.5uA which…

  • AD8265 Cross-talk

    customer would like to know the Channel-to-Channel Crosstalk of AD8264.


    I checked with the applications and PTE people who worked on the
    characterization for the AD8264 and it seems we didn't cover crosstalk. This
    could well be…
  • RE: Issues when use AD8001 as Adder

    Hello Js,

    Thanks for your informations.

    AD8001 works well on our old board. Actually, we designed this test board to test new VGA part - AD8264. And encounter this issue for AD8001 on this new test board. Almost schemaic design is same, just change VGA…

  • Documentation and size of board for AD8264-EVALZ


    I am  going to use eval board AD8264-EVALZ for testing our device. Where can I find documentation for board AD8264-EVALZ? Also I find documentation with size of eval board.

    Thank you.

  • High current consumption AD8264

    We use AD8264 for the first time in our scheme. At the moment, its consumption is much higher than stated in the description. According to our measurements, it corresponds to 110 - 150 mA when powered + -3.3V. During the measurement, we disconnected all…

  • RE: AD8264 crosstalk spec?

    Hi Dave,

    Unfortunately, we don't have any test data for crosstalk on the AD8264. Of course, we would design it to minimize crosstalk as much as possible, but we have no data to quantify that for you. If you run into any issues, please do let us know…

  • AD8264-EVALZ quick question

    Hi all,

    Just to confirm (if possible): Is the AD8264-EVALZ board DC coupled on the inputs and outputs?

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  • RE: How to calculate negative 5V's power comsumption?

    Hi Jerry,

    The current drawn by the + and negative pins of the AD8264 are the same, i.e., 110mA. (max.)