• Single 5V supply AD826 Hot and not working close to zero

    Dear Sir,

    We are using AD826 as buffer before an ADC. 5V DC single supply. Gain is 1.

    When input is close to zero or zero (not negative however) we experience inconsistency on the output and AD826 is heating. Seems to work as we increase input voltage…

  • RE: AD826 hot issue

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to analog systems.Recently i am working on a amplifier AD826(High-Speed, Low-Power
    Dual Operational Amplifier) I am using both the amplifier sections in AD826 connected as dual cascaded non inverting amplifier configuration.

  • why wont my AD843 work inplace of my AD826 in my audio pre-amp?

    why wont my AD843 work inplace of my AD826 in my audio pre-amp? I thought both being 8pin and the AD843 recommended as great sounding that it would swap out for the AD826 i had in there; but the AD843 won't pass audio through it to the output of pre-amp…

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  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

    珠海 金湾区平沙工业区 我做医疗设备 最关注AD826等运放

  • What is the single supply rating for AD826?

      Data sheet says it can operate to  +36V, but absolute maximum is  +/-18V.  Does that mean plus voltage can't go above 18V?  My colleague says yes.  I think the difference between -Vs and +Vs can't exceed 36V.  What is the answer? 


    Hi NiallM,

    Thank you very much for your inputs !!!

    I am going with AVDDx, REF+x = +2.5V  using  ADP7118 ; and AVSSx , REF-x = -2.5V using  ADP7183ACPZN2.5-R7

    Is this LDO Current is enough for AD7768 Supply ?

    I have an rearranged architecture of my 8…

  • RE: 《你好,放大器》纸质版出版开售


          我查阅放大器手册时,尤其3DB带宽在10-50m赫兹之间的手册时,没有看到上面明确表明是电流反馈型还是电压反馈型放大器;有的放大器,比如AD826,工作的压摆速度非常高,350v/us;但是手册上说是高速电压放大器(“The AD826 is a dual, high speed voltage feedback op amp.”);但是其配置的反馈电阻非常低,所以感觉有点奇怪;希望杨老师能指点一下,如何来判断一个放大器是CFA还是VFA。

  • RE: AD815


      The product page shows the status as production, but with a three digit AD800 number, it's probably

    more than 10 years old.  It is a very specialized part, so I can believe that distributors would not stock

    it.  You can go to the product page…