• AD826 minimum output current


    The datasheet states that "The AD826 features high output current drive capability of 50 mA min per amp, and is able to drive unlimited capacitive loads."

    Does this mean that AD826 is not able to drive a current less than 50mA?
    In my…

  • AD817 and AD826 what is the output short circuit current duration?

    I could see from the datasheet that the short-circuit current is 90mA but what is the max duration? In the datasheet, it says 'See Derating Curves'. I don't understand what that means. I am driving capacitive loads directly (16 source pins of AD1434 quad…

  • AD826 heats up

    At the moment, our department has released a filter circuit board, one of the main components of which is the AD826.
    In our circuit, the power is from a 30V block, with a midpoint of 15V. Scheme in attachment.
    Operats. the amplifier…

  • Single 5V supply AD826 Hot and not working close to zero

    Dear Sir,

    We are using AD826 as buffer before an ADC. 5V DC single supply. Gain is 1.

    When input is close to zero or zero (not negative however) we experience inconsistency on the output and AD826 is heating. Seems to work as we increase input voltage…

  • RE: AD826 hot issue

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to analog systems.Recently i am working on a amplifier AD826(High-Speed, Low-Power
    Dual Operational Amplifier) I am using both the amplifier sections in AD826 connected as dual cascaded non inverting amplifier configuration.

  • AD826发烫


  • What is the single supply rating for AD826?

      Data sheet says it can operate to  +36V, but absolute maximum is  +/-18V.  Does that mean plus voltage can't go above 18V?  My colleague says yes.  I think the difference between -Vs and +Vs can't exceed 36V.  What is the answer? 

  • why wont my AD843 work inplace of my AD826 in my audio pre-amp?

    why wont my AD843 work inplace of my AD826 in my audio pre-amp? I thought both being 8pin and the AD843 recommended as great sounding that it would swap out for the AD826 i had in there; but the AD843 won't pass audio through it to the output of pre-amp…

  • Effect of OP amp change

    The OP amp in the DAC circuit was changed.

    -before change:  THS4052 (TI)
    -after change:  AD826

    The datasheet shows that the input bias current increase just a little.

    How much does this affect the accuracy of the circuit?

  • LTC1668 very low gain above around 1.5MHz


    I am using LTC1668 for a DDS. The Fclock is set to 50MHz. As digital data in, I am sending a sine wave created by a processor running inside an FPGA. The circuit uses a differential I to V converter as specified in the data sheet figure 16. I am…