• AD8253增益不稳定

    我们在实验中使用Latched Gain Mode模式,通过FPGA实现AD8253的增益倍数的改变。但是在10倍增益下,输出结果并不稳定,会周期性降低为1倍增益,而且1倍增益的持续时间和周期并不固定。我们检查了差分输入信号和WRA0A1的信号都没有发现问题,也对AD8253进行过更换,问题依旧出现。想问一下有没有人遇到过相同的情况,有没有什么解决办法。

  • AD8253 output short-circuit current definition

    AD8253 DS In page 6, the “Output Short-Circuit Current”
    Is specified to be Indefinite.
    This means unkown, un-tested or can be very large?


    It would probably be better if we said:
    Output Short Circuit Current Duration:  Indefinite

  • AD8253 spec under +-5V power supply

    Here is one customer wants to know the specification of AD8253 when use +/-5V
    power supply. However, the spec table in datasheet is only for +/-15V power


    The specifications at +/-5V should be nearly identical to +/-15V
  • Questions about AD8253/AD8251/AD8250 ?


    I wonder if it's enough for AD8253/AD8251/AD8250 to output ±10V when it is supplied with a power of ±12V ?


  • ada4627,ad8253电流异常大


  • AD8253

    Dear Sir, please help me

    I'd like to work with AD8253 in LTspice simulator.

    I uploaded "cir" file and I can open this text file in the program  LTspice. But I don’t understand what to do next with this text file. I'd like to draw…

  • RE: AD8253 overdrive recovery

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  • RE: AD8253可控增益问题

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  • AD8253




    2、采集系统:NI PXIe-1065

    3、采集卡:NI PXI6123

    4、测试信号:10Hz~20KHz  4.5mvpp~4.5Vpp