• AD8253

    Dear Sir, please help me

    I'd like to work with AD8253 in LTspice simulator.

    I uploaded "cir" file and I can open this text file in the program  LTspice. But I don’t understand what to do next with this text file. I'd like to draw…

  • RE: Differential Amplifier for 32-bit ADC

    The 32-bit ADC is going to be used for DC voltage measurement.

    Input voltage to diff.amp:
    +/-5mVdc (AD8253, AD8421)
    +/-50mVdc (AD8253, AD8421)
    +/-500mVdc (AD8253, AD8421)
    +/-5Vdc (AD8253, AD8421)
    +/-10Vd (AD8253)

    I have been looking at the AD8421 and AD8253…

  • AD8253




    2、采集系统:NI PXIe-1065

    3、采集卡:NI PXI6123

    4、测试信号:10Hz~20KHz  4.5mvpp~4.5Vpp


  • ad8253 instrumentation amp


    I used ad8253 instrumentation amplifier.I require following points are about ad8253

    1.output voltage formula of ad8253 with using ref terminal

    2.here "ref terminal " purpose

  • Whats about AD8253 PSpice model?

    I would like to try in practice AD8253 psice model ( .cir file ) from product details page ( http://www.analog.com/en/specialty-amplifiers/instrumentation-amplifiers/ad8253/products/product.html ). After import of this model to cadence orcad I found that…

  • AD8253 Single input circuit?

    This is the reference circuit about the AD8253 and AD7985.

    There are differencial input ports in the AD8253 and I want to use this device for single input.

    Then how can I connet the other input pin?

  • RE: AD8228 output swing

    Hi Jason,

    It seems that  there are discrepancies between the drawing and the condition that you mentioned.

    Can you confirm the setup for the AD8253?

    Supply voltage for the AD8253 should be at least 10V and therefore -Vs should be connected to -5V as shown…

  • AD8253 overdrive recovery

    How fast does the AD8253 settle after it is overdriven?

    I use the AD8253 in a system that switches between small signals // high gain and large signals // small gain.  If I accidentally have a large signal // large gain, for example, 10V input while…

  • AD8253供电问题



    采用这种通过运放反向而得到负电压来供电时,出现了以下问题:当在AD8253的 Vi+(AD8253的10引脚)输入一个几十KHz的正弦信号时,其输出为一个周期为几十纳秒的正弦波。且AD8253的增益控制出现了问题。



  • RE: Is it possible to set AD9959 eval board generate lower frequencies

    Since you are operating below 2MHz, perhaps an instrumentation amplifier would be good?  The only parts we have that might have enough bandwidth are the AD8250, AD8251, and AD8253, however these parts have fixed gains which do not include 28x.  The AD8250…