• AD8253




    2、采集系统:NI PXIe-1065

    3、采集卡:NI PXI6123

    4、测试信号:10Hz~20KHz  4.5mvpp~4.5Vpp


  • AD8253

    Dear Sir, please help me

    I'd like to work with AD8253 in LTspice simulator.

    I uploaded "cir" file and I can open this text file in the program  LTspice. But I don’t understand what to do next with this text file. I'd like to draw…

  • AD8253 overdrive recovery

    How fast does the AD8253 settle after it is overdriven?

    I use the AD8253 in a system that switches between small signals // high gain and large signals // small gain.  If I accidentally have a large signal // large gain, for example, 10V input while…

  • ad8253 instrumentation amp


    I used ad8253 instrumentation amplifier.I require following points are about ad8253

    1.output voltage formula of ad8253 with using ref terminal

    2.here "ref terminal " purpose

  • AD8253 input current


    I use ADIsimPE to simulate AD8253. From the datasheet, the input current should be <50nA. However, from simulation I see ~8uA current goes into the amplifier. I'm wondering is it realistic? How come a CMOS opmap has such large input current?…

  • AD8251, AD8253 Model Convergence


    I am attempting to use the AD825x devices as current sense and voltage sense instrumentation amplifiers in an analog control loop. I was unable to get the SPICE models for the AD825x to work with PSpice and LTSpice. While the circuit simulation was…

  • AD8253增益控制





  • Suggested Input Protection AD8253

    I am currently designing a breakout board for this amp and would like some suggestions on input protection.

    My input is a piezo sensor(reverse speaker, home made, non powered) that puts out about 70mV full swing and no clue on the amps.

    The data sheet…

  • AD8253 Single input circuit?

    This is the reference circuit about the AD8253 and AD7985.

    There are differencial input ports in the AD8253 and I want to use this device for single input.

    Then how can I connet the other input pin?