• AD8250 Reference Drive

    Hi All,

    I am planning to use AD8250 as a part of ADC front end along with the AD8421 and AD8475. I get what i expected from AD8421 and AD8475 but not from AD8250 so far. I use the exact differential output scheme in AD8250s datasheet (page 20). Both…

  • Questions about AD8253/AD8251/AD8250 ?


    I wonder if it's enough for AD8253/AD8251/AD8250 to output ±10V when it is supplied with a power of ±12V ?


  • Overvoltage Behavior of AD8250

    I am testing the overvoltage behavior of instrumentation amplifier AD8250.
    What I don't understand is when I put in a +20V input to its IN+ and with its IN- grounded, I got a 10.9V (Supply is +/-15V). Shouldn't I expect to get 13.5V since this is the…

  • Where is LTspice model of AD8250?



    Question is very simple.

    I have tried simulation of AD8250 Instrumentation Amplifier in LTspice.

    Spice model of AD8250 gives failure results in LTspice environment.

    Have you got correct LTspice model of AD8250 chip?



  • Could I have AD8250 model file?

    Original Question: Could I have AD8250 model file? by moto


    I want to do the simulation of AD8250.

    I made the model from "AD8250.cir" file.

    But I couldn't simulate that.

    Error message is below.

    *** ERROR *** The circuit is too large to…

  • Cascading a AD8250 and a AD8253

    I want to build a high variable gain amplifier and have cascaded a AD8250 and an AD8253 in order to have the gain to vary in the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000.

    However, I have experienced a strange distorsion for low amplitude…

  • AD8250 - AD8253 spice model LTspice results


    I would like to simulate with LT Spice IV the simple AD8250 (and related AD8253) amplifier.

    I use VS+=15V, VS-=-15V, A0=A1=DGND=ground, WR=VS- (=-15V) and I apply an input positive signal In+=+5V. Negative Input IN-=ground. Output reference REF…

  • AD8250 output voltage offset differes from reference input


    I have AD8250 instrumentation amplifier with +-5V supplies and with a 1,5V at the reference input pin.

    The reference comes from lo impedance source and the instrumentation amplifier's supply's are correctly decoupled.

    I expect 1,5V at the…

  • SNR of AD7768-1 with AD8250 at 48 kHz input frequency


    my customer asks for the SNR that is to be expected with the following signal chain:

    48 kHz input-signal ---> AD8250 ---> LTC6363 ----> AD7768-1

    AD8250 is powered by +/-15 Volt.
    The LTC6363 translates the up to +/-10V output from the AD8250…

  • AD8250 电容耦合输入   输出有大的偏置电压

    你好,ADI工程,请教,我这有块放大电路,第一级是ADA4897-1,第二级AD8250,第三级也为AD8250,;当ADA4897-1 输出用0.1u电容耦合到 AD8250的输入时候,AD8250输出的直流电压有4.2V;改成1K或者49.9欧电阻耦合时候,输出的偏置电压只有十几mv;但是第二级的AD8250与第三级的AD8250用0.1u电容耦合,第三级的AD8250输出直流电压只有十几mv级;这是怎么回事?谢谢!