• AD8251 Input Impedance

    AD8250 has differential input impedance  of 5.3Gohms/ 0.5 pf.

    I have input signal whose differential input impedance which is driving AD8250 is  10Mohms & 5pf.

    My customer is saying that i may not be able to give differential signal to AD8250 directly…

  • Where is LTspice model of AD8250?



    Question is very simple.

    I have tried simulation of AD8250 Instrumentation Amplifier in LTspice.

    Spice model of AD8250 gives failure results in LTspice environment.

    Have you got correct LTspice model of AD8250 chip?



  • AD8250 Reference Drive

    Hi All,

    I am planning to use AD8250 as a part of ADC front end along with the AD8421 and AD8475. I get what i expected from AD8421 and AD8475 but not from AD8250 so far. I use the exact differential output scheme in AD8250s datasheet (page 20). Both…

  • AD8250 电容耦合输入   输出有大的偏置电压

    你好,ADI工程,请教,我这有块放大电路,第一级是ADA4897-1,第二级AD8250,第三级也为AD8250,;当ADA4897-1 输出用0.1u电容耦合到 AD8250的输入时候,AD8250输出的直流电压有4.2V;改成1K或者49.9欧电阻耦合时候,输出的偏置电压只有十几mv;但是第二级的AD8250与第三级的AD8250用0.1u电容耦合,第三级的AD8250输出直流电压只有十几mv级;这是怎么回事?谢谢!

  • Could I have AD8250 model file?

    Original Question: Could I have AD8250 model file? by moto


    I want to do the simulation of AD8250.

    I made the model from "AD8250.cir" file.

    But I couldn't simulate that.

    Error message is below.

    *** ERROR *** The circuit is too large to…

  • RE: Is it possible to set AD9959 eval board generate lower frequencies

    Since you are operating below 2MHz, perhaps an instrumentation amplifier would be good?  The only parts we have that might have enough bandwidth are the AD8250, AD8251, and AD8253, however these parts have fixed gains which do not include 28x.  The AD8250…

  • RE: amplifier for 10MHz, either pga or dual with enable

    Moving this question on amplifiers to the Amplifier community.

    ADA4897-2. AD8250.

  • RE: 有关AD8251芯片的压摆率和放大倍数的问题


  • Overvoltage Behavior of AD8250

    I am testing the overvoltage behavior of instrumentation amplifier AD8250.
    What I don't understand is when I put in a +20V input to its IN+ and with its IN- grounded, I got a 10.9V (Supply is +/-15V). Shouldn't I expect to get 13.5V since this is the…

  • Cascading a AD8250 and a AD8253

    I want to build a high variable gain amplifier and have cascaded a AD8250 and an AD8253 in order to have the gain to vary in the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000.

    However, I have experienced a strange distorsion for low amplitude…