• AD825 die backside connection

    I have no indication on Backside connection.
    Which potential should I connect the backside of the AD825 die?


    You should not connect die backside. Please let die backside float.

  • AD825 die X-Y coordinate

    What is the size of the die in X-Y coordinate?


    See attachment.
  • AD825 die co-ordinate info detail request

    I am using die components on a MCM. I would like to have information on pads
    location (X-Y coordinates) and back side connection. Could I have this document?
    Document is a die description.


    These are dedicated and proprietary info which…
  • AD825 & Unipolar supply voltage?


    I want to use a unipolar supply voltage (–Vs = 0V and +Vs = 16V) in a voltage follower circuit using AD825?

    Is it possible?


  • AD825 Transimpedance Configuration

    I connected the AD825 in the following Configuration

    Supply: Single Ended 12 V and Ground

    Non-Inverting Pin: 5V DC to shift the output voltage level to a positive level

    Inverting Pin: 100 micro Ampere Current from Keithley Current Source

    Gain Resistor…

  • AD825如果单边供电会产生很大的启动电流 我的电路有16个AD825 电路启动不起来 只能正电源先上电 一旦顺序错乱 就不能启动了


    AD825如果单边供电会产生很大的启动电流 我的电路有16个AD825 电路启动不起来 只能正电源先上电 一旦顺序错乱 就不能启动了

    至开启负电源 就会有50ma左右的电流

  • RE: AD825ARZ  NC pin

    Hi James,


    Yes NC pins of AD825 are floating internally.

    NC means 'not connected internally'.



  • AD9712 general recommendations

    We want to update our application based on AD9712 . What we need is indicated
    on page 7 of AD9712 datasheet. We checked AD9752 but we need to have > 3.5 Vout
    , and the total settling  time to 35ns( to reach 0,1 % error ). We need to add

  • AD825ARZ pin issue

    Hello, can you please confirm / identify pin numbers? I can't find dot on package. This is original device?