• AD825 Transimpedance Configuration

    I connected the AD825 in the following Configuration

    Supply: Single Ended 12 V and Ground

    Non-Inverting Pin: 5V DC to shift the output voltage level to a positive level

    Inverting Pin: 100 micro Ampere Current from Keithley Current Source

    Gain Resistor…

  • AD825 die backside connection

    I have no indication on Backside connection.
    Which potential should I connect the backside of the AD825 die?


    You should not connect die backside. Please let die backside float.
  • AD825 & Unipolar supply voltage?


    I want to use a unipolar supply voltage (–Vs = 0V and +Vs = 16V) in a voltage follower circuit using AD825?

    Is it possible?


  • AD825 die X-Y coordinate

    What is the size of the die in X-Y coordinate?


    See attachment.
  • AD825 die co-ordinate info detail request

    I am using die components on a MCM. I would like to have information on pads
    location (X-Y coordinates) and back side connection. Could I have this document?
    Document is a die description.


    These are dedicated and proprietary info which…
  • AD825如果单边供电会产生很大的启动电流 我的电路有16个AD825 电路启动不起来 只能正电源先上电 一旦顺序错乱 就不能启动了


    AD825如果单边供电会产生很大的启动电流 我的电路有16个AD825 电路启动不起来 只能正电源先上电 一旦顺序错乱 就不能启动了

    至开启负电源 就会有50ma左右的电流

  • RE: Equivalent components for space application


    Please find attached the datasheet of ADA4817 and AD825. Absolutely, our

    need is these two components (ADA4817 and AD825) but spatial version.

    Thank you for your answer.


    Le 18/09/2012 09:48, krisf a écrit :


      EngineerZone <…

  • RE: AD825ARZ  NC pin

    Hi James,


    Yes NC pins of AD825 are floating internally.

    NC means 'not connected internally'.



  • RE: Amplifiers for active electronic load

    Hi Tim,

    For the LT1006, I think the ADA4638-1 is an excellent part as replacement. ADA4638-1 is a high voltage, high precision, and zero-drift amplifier with rail-to-rail output. It has lower input offset voltage and drift, lower offset current, and…

  • AD9712 general recommendations

    We want to update our application based on AD9712 . What we need is indicated
    on page 7 of AD9712 datasheet. We checked AD9752 but we need to have > 3.5 Vout
    , and the total settling  time to 35ns( to reach 0,1 % error ). We need to add…