• AD8237 - How do I take full advantage of AD8237 performance?

    How do I take full advantage of AD8237 performance?


    Proper layout and decoupling will help performance. Keep input traces matched
    and parasitics small for CMRR performance. There are often large resistors in
    the feedback, so parasitic…
  • AD8237 leadframe

    I have a question about the material of the leadframe of AD8237.

    AD8237 and AMR (magnetic sensor) are placed on the PCB.
    The material of the leadframe may affect the sensor.
    Iron-based materials seem to affect the sensor in particular.
    UG-331 says…
  • Gain Error on AD8237

    Hi all,

    I am amplifying the output of the NPP301-700A (differential pressure sensor) using the AD8237.  The AD8237 is configured for a gain of 39.27 (G = 1 + (97.6k / 2.55k) ).  Using my multimeter, I'm reading 0.012V at the NPP's differential outputs …

  • AD8237 equivalent alternative SOIC8


    I am in need os an amplifier, equivalent to AD8237, but with SOIC8 pinout. 

    It is for an ECG application.



  • AD8237 - Application example

    Are there any interesting circuits that didn’t quite make the datasheet?


    AD8237 does very well on a single supply measuring small ground-referenced
    signals. A great example is a thermocouple interface. A grounded thermocouple
  • AD8237 EEG Example

    Hi ADI team!

    I have a few questions about the EEG example in the AD8237 datasheet.

    1. See red box below. Is the 47nF capacitor creating a LPF? Is the fc=33.8Hz? ... I'd like to use the AD8237 with a gain of 201 and a LPF with a fc of ~500Hz. Would you…
  • AD8237 PSpice Error

    1854.AD8237_Files.zipI am trying to simulate AD8237 in PSPice and I get the following error

    ERROR(ORPSIM-16363): Command invalid in subcircuit

    My full Error file is shown below. Does anybody know how to fix it? Is it an issue with the model it self…

  • AD8237 Output Saturation

    Hello Together,

    we're using a AD8237 as differential amplifier for current sensing.We've used the following schematic for a while, but around the last few months, this strange behaviour is happening:

    When powering the circuit, the output of the…

  • AD8237 - Pitfalls to avoid

    Are there any applications pitfalls to avoid when using AD8237?


    The high-bandwidth mode setting could be a significant stumbling block because
    users could get the wrong impression. The AD8237 was designed to be a high
    dc-precision amplifier…
  • AD8237 chopping clock problem

    I have the AD8237 amp in a design and I'm seeing the 27 kHz "chopping/ALS" clock on my output.  Page 21 of the data sheet mentions this clock and that it can possibly couple to the output.  I am using the amp in low bandwidth mode (BW pin…