• RE: LTC1867 Technical Support

    Hi John,

    The AD8237 will have the same problem driving the AD7949 that it would driving the LTC1867. AD7949 will also produce glitches at the analog input that the AD8237 will be very slow to recover from.

    Your schematic doesn't make sense to me. You…

  • the output of ad8237 is not normal

    Regarding the board of the AD8237 about the former two versions,the former version board is ok.

    but the the last version board of AD8237,the output is not normal,the only different is the capacitance C1 and C2 is nearly 1mm closer  to the chip AD8237.

  • RE: AD8237 PSpice model is not working Orcad

    Sorry for  i am being late to attach the simulation files, i have tried to simulate AD8237 in an ECG front end circuit design sample on the datasheet of AD8237 but it say "ERROR(ORPSIM-16363): Command invalid in subcircuit". i wish you could help me.…

  • RE: AD8237 Spice Model doesn't work with OrCAD


    The message means that it can't find the "xxx.lib" file that has the AD8237 spice model in it.

    Rename the extension of spice model file you downloaded from the analog website Ex. ad8237.cir to ad8237.lib.

    Then in the schematic editor…

  • AD8237 - Recommendation for driving an ADC

    Would you recommend driving an ADC with AD8237?


    AD8237 is a good fit for many low-frequency, high dc precision applications.
    Many such applications use oversampling techniques to achieve high dc
    precision, as in a dc sigma-delta converter…
  • RE: the disturb of AD8237

    the bellow curve is the sensor output of AD8237

    the avove curve is the input voltage (3.3v) curve.

    i want to present that when the differential inputs have high frequency part,the powersupply of AD8237 may be disturbed.

  • RE: AD8237 Hysteresis Near 0V?

    Hi Mark_O,

    It sounds to me like the AD8237 output is saturated for those small or negative input voltages. You can see in the AD8237 datasheet that the linear output range can get to within 20mV from either supply rail under light loading conditions…

  • RE: AD8237 Output Saturation

    Hello Harry,

    the schematic I talk about is the one on the first post. We're using the AD8237 like the battery current monitor (Figure 75, page 25 in https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AD8237.pdf) except for the following…

  • AD8237 - Difference from other ADI instrumentation amplifier

    How is the AD8237 different from other ADI instrumentation amplifiers?


    The AD8237 is based on an Indirect Current Feedback (ICF) architecture.
    This architecture is fairly new to ADI, with only AD8237 and the AD8420 in the
  • Noise details of AD8237 is not mentioned on datasheet

    Dear Sir,

    In my application I am using the instrumentation amplifier AD8237, now I need to calculate the total noise of the circuit. But as referring to application note for calculating Total noise of INA at a given gain the value of eni and eno is needed…