• AD8237 - How do I take full advantage of AD8237 performance?

    How do I take full advantage of AD8237 performance?


    Proper layout and decoupling will help performance. Keep input traces matched
    and parasitics small for CMRR performance. There are often large resistors in
    the feedback, so parasitic…
  • RE: AD8237/AD8237 Correct biasing approach

    The AD8235 and AD8237 are instrumentation amplifiers (in-amps) and these low power devices are great for a breadth of different applications that include pressure, strain or even temperature sensing.  

    The AD8235 and AD8237 just like many in-amps  have a…

  • AD8237 substitute?

    I've been using AD8237 INA for a few designs. This amplifier has such good performance, probably the best on market regarding gain error and accuracy. But for the last year it had frequent stocking shortage. Now it's unavailable everywhere with very long…

  • How to edit the AD8237 symbol in LTspice?


    I am using LTspice to simulate the AD8237 model, but I would like to edit the symbol in order to change its look.

    What are the steps I should follow to get this done?


  • How to import the AD8237 SPICE model into LTspice?


    I am trying to simulate the AD8237 LTspice model and I am wondering how to import it.

    How should I proceed?


  • AD8237 - Application example

    Are there any interesting circuits that didn’t quite make the datasheet?


    AD8237 does very well on a single supply measuring small ground-referenced
    signals. A great example is a thermocouple interface. A grounded thermocouple
  • AD8237 - Pitfalls to avoid

    Are there any applications pitfalls to avoid when using AD8237?


    The high-bandwidth mode setting could be a significant stumbling block because
    users could get the wrong impression. The AD8237 was designed to be a high
    dc-precision amplifier…
  • AD8237 - Recommendation for driving an ADC

    Would you recommend driving an ADC with AD8237?


    AD8237 is a good fit for many low-frequency, high dc precision applications.
    Many such applications use oversampling techniques to achieve high dc
    precision, as in a dc sigma-delta converter…
  • AD8237 - Disadvantages of indirect current feedback

    What are the disadvantages of Indirect Current Feedback?


    There is a limit to the differential voltage at the inputs, which is typically
    not the case in  traditional in-amps. This sometimes limits circuits which are
    in a gain of 1 configuration…