• AD8236

    AD8236 REF pins can be grounded? (Driver ADUC7060 ADC Applied to 4-20 mA electric current loop  )

  • AD8236/AD8235


    I've been using the AD8236 to make an EMG amplifier. I connected a second order low pass MFB butterworth filter at @20Hz cutoff , which filters the AD8236 output and feeds it to the reference pin. I am not pleased with the results. while the DC correction…

  • AD8236 REF not passing to output

    Hi I've simple differential configuration amplifier with ref powered from 1/2VCC VCC is 3.3V. Differential signal is output from AMC1200. When I tried to power it up I have nothing on output.

  • AD8236 Level-Shift Output (pin 7) offset

    Our AD8236 level-shift output at p7 has an offset relative to a stable and accurate Vref at pin 6. What conditions or issues could cause the AD8236 to (pin 7) output level shift to not match the provide REF at pin6? Could capacitive loading on the AD8236…

  • Analog sig processing using AD8236 and AD8609


    I am hoping someone can help?

    I have designed a simple ECG analog processing path feeding in to one of the available A/D modules of a PIC microcontroller (24FJ128GA310).

    My issue is that one of my analog rails for the analog path and the PIC A/D module…

  • issue with my design using AD8236 op-amp

    Hello everyone,

    I am designing a circuit to measure the current passing through a load using a shunt resistor and an instrumental amplifier AD8236, but i am obtaining a wrong output value in my circuit but i don't know where is my mistake. I attached my…

  • Why the inputs of AD8236 need to be pulled to VDD and VCC in application of ECG measurement

    Hi everyone,

    Now I made a circuit to measure ECG based on the AD8236. I followed the example in the AD8236 manual as shown below.

    But when I test with electrodes connected to the human body, I found the output of AD8236 remained 2.5v. I cannot see the…

  • AD8236 in Single-Supply mode (GND to 5V) the Ref pin doesn't respond to any voltage greater than 0

    I am trying to set up the AD8236 with +Vs=5V   -Vs=0V   Vref=2.5V but the ref pin doesnt work, it is always grounded.

    When I make it double supply with +Vs=+5V  and -Vs=-5V the ref pin works just fine.

    I am using an ADA4004 to drive the ref pin as described…

  • RE: Help needed with AD8420 design

    Hi Chris,

    In my experience with EM Flow sensors, the output resistance of the sensor can be very large, more than 1MegΩ in some cases, and a high input impedance amplifier can improve the performance in such cases. AD8236 has a very high input impedance…

  • How to change cutoff of Sallen Key Filter in ECG circuit?

    Figure 42 in the AD8236 datasheet shows an ECG application circuit that I'd like to use.  However the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter in the circuit is not what I'd like.  How do I change it?