• AD8235

    Figure 44 of the AD8235 Data sheet shows the device paired with AD8609 in a hi-pass configuration with break at 0.3 Hz.  The AD8609 has very high voltage noise at this frequency.  Fundamental of Heart Beat is about 1 Hz with content to about 60 Hz.


  • AD8236/AD8235


    I've been using the AD8236 to make an EMG amplifier. I connected a second order low pass MFB butterworth filter at @20Hz cutoff , which filters the AD8236 output and feeds it to the reference pin. I am not pleased with the results. while the DC correction…

  • Questions for AD8235 In-AMP when SDN

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer asked the following questions.

    1)What is the t1 and t2 time when AD8235 shutdown? (Refer to the following figure)

    2)When AD8235 is shudowning, what is the Vout condition? Impedance high, correct?

    I could not catch these…

  • RE: AD8235 Output Oscillation

    Oscillation with 500uV peak input.docx

    Hi Kris,

    I have uploaded a document describing the issue

  • RE: 查询两款运放,要有军用等级,请帮忙选型

    1. OP462,功能类似

    2.  AD8235/36/31可以作为参考

  • swapped IN+ & IN- on board

    I just laid out a PCB with an AD8235 in-amp on it & had it built when I realized that I messed it up.  

    When I created the AD8235 part in the schematic, I made the IN+ & the IN- pins backwards, which meant that the board was laid out wrong.  Instead…

  • AD8235 - Recovery after shutdown and output capability

    Hello AD engineers,

    Two information are missing on the AD8235 datasheet:

    - How long shall it takes to come back from shutdown. In simulation model it is pretty quick < 10µs then it start a normal behavior from VCC/2 (ref = Vneg = 0V, Vpos = VCC =…

  • RE: AD8236 in Single-Supply mode (GND to 5V) the Ref pin doesn't respond to any voltage greater than 0

    Hi Rob,

    I also noticed that the operation supply voltage of the AD4004 is +/- 5V to +/- 15V. Can you confirm that you're providing correct supply voltage and setup for the AD4004? Because if not, the problem might be on the AD4004 and not on the AD8235…

  • RE: Hi, A question about the difference between the 524 and 624



      There are some minor differences, but the major ones are the AD624 is wider temp and lower offset.

    Depending on what your supply voltages are, the gain you need, and the highest signal frequency,

    you could look at the AD8422, AD8237, AD8421…

  • RE: AD8237 in smaller BGA package?

    Hello SouthPacific, 

    Kindly forward your request to your local sales team. You can check the link below for the right contact. They should be able to see to your request.

    Sales and Distribution | Analog Devices 


    Also, we do have the AD8235, which is…