• AD8232 ESD test method


    In AD8232's datasheet, it indicates that AD8232 can withstand 8kV ESD in HBM.

    And is it correct to test ESD rating by sending simulated ESD signal directly into AD8232's RA & LA pin?

    Thanks very much for your help!

  • AD8232


    I have a basic query regarding AD8232. It is a single lead  system. The two differential  inputs are Right Arm and Left Arm.

     But as per my limited understanding, the ECG potential should be measured from Right Arm and Left Leg (Lead II) or Left Arm…

  • AD8232

    Hello, I would use the ad8232 in 2-electrodes.

    I tried to connect the chip using the model set out in the datasheet on page 24 (Figure 62), but does not work!

    I put everything on breadoboard!

    My question is: since I am in possession of the evaluation…

  • AD8232

    Hi, I have a model AD8232 chip to use as cardiac pulse counter (beats per minute). Specifications indicates that the circuit should consume 170 uA but consume only 60 uA (not in shutdown) and not get correct signals for the electrocardiogram. If we turn…

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  • RE: Is it necessary for the ad8232 +Vs to be 2.8V? Can we not give 3 v instead? ( Cardiac monitor configuration)

    Hi Krosis,

    Supply votlage of the AD8232 is specified on page 4 of its datasheet.

    The AD8232 can be powered from 2V to 3.5V as shown below.

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  • Pspice仿真,ERROR -- Subcircuit AD8232 used by X_U2 is undefined

    您好,我在官网下载了AD8232.cir 文件,进行Pspice仿真时,AD8232.lib也添加到了library中,如图1所示,但是仿真还是报错 ERROR -- Subcircuit AD8232 used by X_U2 is undefined。如图2所示,希望能帮我解决以下,谢谢。