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  • RE: AD8232 power consumption


    Apologies if we missed this. We could help you on the power consumption calculations if you could share your configuration. Current consumption will usually depend on what your config is. The quiescent current stated in the data sheet has a specific…

  • Filter Requirements for AD8232

    What are the filter requirements for my application?


    There are as many valid solutions as use cases. Please review section
    ´Applications Information´ and ´Application Circuits´ at the end of the AD8232
    datasheet for a…

  • RE: Regarding AD8232 configuration

    Hello akhil,

    did you manage to activate the two electrode mode? I want to get an ECG just like in your project. Could you give me some advice or guidance?

    Thank you very much for your help and have a nice day.

  • What is Analog Devices� AD8232?

    What is Analog Devices´ AD8232?


    The AD8232 is an integrated signal conditioning front end for biopotential
    measurement applications. It amplifies and filters small biopotential signals
    and allows the designer full design flexibility…
  • RE: The designed high-pass filtering cutoff frequency in the AD8232 datasheet is different from the actual high-pass filtering cutoff frequency. Can the AD8232 achieve 0.1Hz high-pass filtering

    HI wanghan,

    Apologies we have missed this thread. 
    In case you still have this questions, we'll try to help in troubleshooting your AD8232 setup.
    I checked the calculations of the resistors on this specific setup and it seems correct for the Passband…

  • AD8232, ESP32 and Android Studio

    I am doing research on ECG Signal Analysis and the ECG signal will receive at my android application by using AD8232 and ESP32 (ESP32-WROOM-32). I set up ESP32 and AD8232 to acquire ECG signal and transmit via Bluetooth Low Energy Module and my android…

  • AD8232 an AC-coupled or a DC-coupled solution

    Is the AD8232 an AC-coupled or a DC-coupled solution?


    It is AC-coupled. The AD8232 implements an AC-coupled signal path through its
    unique architecture.AC-coupled systems remove the DC component generated by the
    contact electrodes (the half-cell…

  • Saturated output in EMG circuit with AD8232 LTspice

    Good afternoon, I am very grateful if anyone knows why the output of my simulated Electrocardiogram circuit with an AD8232 in LTspice saturates.