• AD8231程控增益仪表放大器谐波畸变问题


  • Not achieving the expected programmable gain

    I am having difficulties using your AD8231ACPZ. I cannot achieve gains of 2 or
    higher. These are the gains I am achieving when applying 1 volt input:




    I have tested an AD8231 in isolation…
  • AD 8231: input bias current return path

    According to the data sheet, it is good practice to include a return path for the input bias current. I have implemented the capacitive coupled approach (Fig 51) without good results. What are the recommended values for R and C for a single-supply voltage…

  • RE: AD7176-2

    HI Chris,

    Thanks for the info.

    I have one doubt in continuation to your explanation. If I select 10kSPS data rate, then the ADC will have 100uSec settling time and 100uSec conversion time. Is my understanding correct?


    Also in our circuit, we…

  • RE: Use AD8295 for Loadcell Amplifier Board

    Thank you Scott,

    I intend use +-5V (total diff 10V) for loadcell. So the maximum common-mode voltage is about +-18mV. The voltage regulator is 7805 and 7905. What is the voltage at the Rg if input voltage is very low (mV) ? I haven't found any information…

  • RE: 双通道DA转换器使用(求斑竹解答) AD5545



  • RE: Load Cell Amplifier

    Hi Ismail,

    If your maximum errors are as listed above, then I do not recommend AD8293G160. However, if you can tolerate a bit more error RTI, the AD8293 is a low-cost solution that provides performance very similar to the AD8231 for your parameters of…

  • AD8231 footprint - Spacing issues during PCB fabrication

    I plan on using the AD8231 in a wearable application. However, my PCB fabricator has laid down minimum spacing constraint as 6 mils. The footprint of AD8231 extracted from its .bxl file shows a square copper etch region on the top layer (for the exposed…

  • RE: To know amplifier with following specifications and ADC for data acquisition from Sensors

    Hi Gupta,

    I cannot find any amplifier which fits all your requirements.

    The 50uV/C output offset drift number (and the gain TC) you've mentioned, limits you to only two Instrumentation Amplifiers:

    • AD8231 (min gain of 1V/V, pin-programmable, max…
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