• RE: Output Impedence of AD8231

    Hi Stephen,

    The output impedance of AD8231 is very low, though I can't say what is the exact value, the recommendation of <50 ohm source impedance will be satisfied by the AD8231.

    In addition to that, you need to consider if the amplifier can…

  • AD8231: CMRR measurements

    I am you sing your AD8231 as a precision current sensing monitor. How can I
    evaluate the CMRR of the AD8231? Is it enough to just measure the Vout at the
    fix Vcm and gain in one point or two? (Equation - AN-539; page2) Is the CMRR
  • can use AD8231 extra op amp for comparator application.

    can use AD8231 extra op amp for comparator application. Thanks~

  • RE: AD8231 op-amp bandwidth and part number

    Yes I used the op-amp in an AD8231 to implement the high-pass filter.

  • RE: spice model for AD8231

    Hello Scow,

    Unfortunately we don't have a spice model available for AD8231. Also, we don't have a SPICE model that is close enough to the AD8231's performance. However, if you would like to simulate a three-opamp instrumentation amplifier behavior, you…

  • AD8231 output offset and voltage drop issue.

    Dear Sir:

                   I used AD8231 in our circuit as below picture (For +VS=5.06V supply, with nCS, A0, A1, A2,-VS to GND) , We have some issue when we test AD8231 as below:

    1. We tried to short +INA and -INA , the outputA have 2.9mV offset , then I check parameter…

  • AD8231: What happens if I leave the op amp floating?


    I am looking to use the AD8231 In Amp in my board design but I will not need to use the on board op amp. What will happen if I leave the op amp inputs and output floating?

  • RE: AD7176-2

    HI Chris,

    Thanks for the info.

    I have one doubt in continuation to your explanation. If I select 10kSPS data rate, then the ADC will have 100uSec settling time and 100uSec conversion time. Is my understanding correct?


    Also in our circuit, we…

  • RE: Use AD8295 for Loadcell Amplifier Board

    Thank you Scott,

    I intend use +-5V (total diff 10V) for loadcell. So the maximum common-mode voltage is about +-18mV. The voltage regulator is 7805 and 7905. What is the voltage at the Rg if input voltage is very low (mV) ? I haven't found any information…