• RE: Fast Peak Detection Ciruit using AD823

    Thanks Harry for your response!

    The peak and frequency I am using for the simulation are 2V and 1000 Hz. So the Opamp AD823 should be able to handle it, shouldnt it? I am just curious why the circuit is not working.

    It works if I use AD823 on the first…

  • RE: AD823 LTspice simulation and data sheet disagree

    There is more to it than the 3dB point as a comprison of fig 3 of the AD823 with fig 7 of the AD823A  or fig 15 of the AD823 with fig 18 of the AD823A data sheets show. They indicate that the A version has better phase margin but the simulation shows no…

  • AD823 schematics review

    I have a problem with ad823 amplifier in my project. The impedance to inverting
    input is high. The Output voltage of the amplifier in the pcb board is not
    acting as a simulation . In the simulation I get 2 volts output  Nation profile
  • ad823: Rload influence of the GBP

    I'd like to use the OPAMP AD823 in a closed loop as amplifier between 0 and
    100kHz (gain is 20 or 100).
    The datasheet Rev.0 fig.11 shows the dependence of open loop gain vs. output
    voltage (parameter=load resistor).
    The question…
  • AD823 Open Loop Characteristics


    I am performing Stability analysis for a circuit with AD823 Opamp. I was checking Open Loop Gain parameters of the OPAMP and I referred Figure 14 of the datasheet.

    In the figure, the frequency response is plotted from 100Hz. It can be seen that…

  • RE: 有没有高输入阻抗低供电电压3V的JFET运放


  • AD823AR: ESD protection

    Can you give me some details of the input ESD protection system employed on the


    The AD823 uses parasitic Schottky diodes to divert the energy due to an ESD

    These ESD diodes can protect the IC from ESD hits up to…
  • 最爱ADI放大器---AD823






  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)


  • RE: What is the single supply rating for AD826?

    Hi..as per my knowledge AD823 got a bad name for being too harsh and flat sounding (and hard to get one), LM4562 is picky a like to pick up interferences, not to mention still being a bit too much harsh/sharp ... (but I have few at hand) and I did not…