• RE: Help selecting a high gain amp



    I would use an Instrumentation Amp with a stable 1V on one side.  Look at AD8421, AD8428, AD8229, or AD8226.


  • Gain resistor: will metal foil significantly reduce noise?

    I am using an AD8421 with a 100 ohm gain resistor. The datasheet for the AD8229 explains how to calculate the Johnson noise contributed by the gain resistor. I would also like to calculate the current noise contributed by the gain resistor, but I'm not…

  • RE: PCB layout for AD8429 or AD 8421

    Hi Emman,

    I am very grateful of your swift reply. Definitely, we will use AD8229 for the other applications as the operating temperature is very high.

    Many thanks to your reply again.

    Thank you.

  • RE: Instrumentation amplifer noise calculations

    A few extra comments:

    - The RG noise is actually scaled by (Gain -1)/Gain in the equation Scott gave and in the AD8229 datasheet.  For most gains, this is inconsequential, but if you are doing calculations at very low gains, this can matter.   This is why…

  • RE: Is it possible to set AD9959 eval board generate lower frequencies

    Two other in-amps that come close to enough bandwidth are the AD8229 and AD8429.  Gain of these parts is set by an external resistor.

  • 仪表放大器的组装



  • RE: 关于低噪声运放的输入噪声密度与温度的关系


    您挑选的这几款芯片支持的工作温度范围是-40C~125C,这类型的产品手册里面都没有定义噪声和温度的关系。如果是井下高温工作的话,建议您选择工作温度可以到175C的高温器件,目前我们有的高温器件型号有ADXL206ADT7312ADR225 AD8634AD8229. AD8634的数据手册中给出的噪声谱密度参数是在210C下测得的。

  • RE: Using AD8429 and AD8421 for single ended AC signal

    Hello Stargate,

    While AD8429 and AD8421 are very high performance amplifiers, you are correct to point out that they will not meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry. What you really need is AD8229, which is available in side-brazed ceramic…

  • 关于MEMS的这几个事实,你都知道吗?




    三、基于ADI MEMS加速度计ADXL362的小米手环2015年销售量已经超过1200万只,华米科技目前已经成为全球第二大可穿戴设备公司。



  • "Specified" vs "Storage" Temperature Range--Definition


    I have a general question arisen reading the datasheet of AD8229.

    The document specify the upper limit of the Specified Temperature Range (210°C) greater than the storage temperature range's upper limit (150°C).

    I wonder, what is the definition…