• AD8229 vs AD8228

    Good afternoon,

    I've recently incorporated the AD8229 part into a prototype design, we are using this part in several places.  I was a bit shocked when I saw the commercial part was priced at $220 per part.  Needless to say, I'm looking for alternatives…

  • AD8229/8429 and Multisim Model

    I have been using the Analog Devices version of Multisim for a while and just downloaded version 12. I modeled a simple amplifier using the AD8429.

    Signal on the negative input, positive input grounded, +/-15V, gain resistor of 60.4 ohms for a gain of…

  • RE: 高温器件怎么测试?ADI工程师告诉你直接放进烤箱里!


    专门针对高温工作环境而设计非常适用于地下钻探作业,采用介质隔离工艺,以避免高温时产生漏电流。所选设计架构可以补偿高温时的低VBE电压。尤为擅长测量微小信号,可提供业界领先的1 nV/√Hz输入噪声性能。此外AD8229具有高共模抑制比(CMRR),可防止干扰信号破坏数据采集。CMRR随着增益提高而提高,能够在最需要的时候提供高抑制性能。并且AD8229还是目前最快的仪表放大器之一。采用电流反馈型架构,能够在高增益时提供高带宽,比如G = 100时,带宽为1.2 MHz…

  • RE: 盘点那些突破高温桎梏的器件们~


    AD5600 高温、16 位、非缓冲式电压输出 DAC、SPI 接口
    AD7981 耐高温、16位、600 kSPS PulSAR® ADC
    AD8229 1NV/√HZ低噪声、210°C仪表放大器
    AD8634 高温、低噪声、轨到轨输出双通道运算放大器
    ADG5298 高温(高达210°C)、高电压、防闩锁型、8通道多路复用器
    ADG798 高温(高达210°C)、低电压8通道多路复用器
    ADR225 高温…
  • RE: AD8429 Output Noise

    A little more information for other people facing a similar problem.  I was able to get my output noise measurement down to 162 nV/rtHz ( I had some extra resistance at the input that wasnt exactly matching the circuit above).

    I also noticed the datasheet…

  • Alternative to AD623


    I tried several models for my design (put under NDA). Best result was with AD623. However, I wonder if there is an instrumentation amplifier with the same architecture as AD623 is available with less noise.

    What I believe to be needed is not normal…

  • RE: 关于在175度高温正常工作的测温电路


  • RE: Reliability Handbook

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    I think I see where the confusion lies.  Table 4 calculates equivalent device hours at 55C by the formula Ndt=Nd*Nh*At.  From the table, Nd*Nh=924000 (device-hours) and At=77.  Therefore equivalent device hours is 924000*77=71148000.  

    It sounds…

  • RE: 仪表放大器的组装