• AD8229 vs AD8228

    Good afternoon,

    I've recently incorporated the AD8229 part into a prototype design, we are using this part in several places.  I was a bit shocked when I saw the commercial part was priced at $220 per part.  Needless to say, I'm looking for alternatives…

  • AD8229/8429 and Multisim Model

    I have been using the Analog Devices version of Multisim for a while and just downloaded version 12. I modeled a simple amplifier using the AD8429.

    Signal on the negative input, positive input grounded, +/-15V, gain resistor of 60.4 ohms for a gain of…

  • RE: 高温器件怎么测试?ADI工程师告诉你直接放进烤箱里!


    专门针对高温工作环境而设计非常适用于地下钻探作业,采用介质隔离工艺,以避免高温时产生漏电流。所选设计架构可以补偿高温时的低VBE电压。尤为擅长测量微小信号,可提供业界领先的1 nV/√Hz输入噪声性能。此外AD8229具有高共模抑制比(CMRR),可防止干扰信号破坏数据采集。CMRR随着增益提高而提高,能够在最需要的时候提供高抑制性能。并且AD8229还是目前最快的仪表放大器之一。采用电流反馈型架构,能够在高增益时提供高带宽,比如G = 100时,带宽为1.2 MHz…

  • RE: AD8429 Output Noise

    A little more information for other people facing a similar problem.  I was able to get my output noise measurement down to 162 nV/rtHz ( I had some extra resistance at the input that wasnt exactly matching the circuit above).

    I also noticed the datasheet…

  • RE: Instrumentation amplifer noise calculations

    A few extra comments:

    - The RG noise is actually scaled by (Gain -1)/Gain in the equation Scott gave and in the AD8229 datasheet.  For most gains, this is inconsequential, but if you are doing calculations at very low gains, this can matter.   This is why…

  • RE: Help selecting a high gain amp



    I would use an Instrumentation Amp with a stable 1V on one side.  Look at AD8421, AD8428, AD8229, or AD8226.


  • RE: 仪表放大器的组装



  • RE: Is it possible to set AD9959 eval board generate lower frequencies

    Two other in-amps that come close to enough bandwidth are the AD8229 and AD8429.  Gain of these parts is set by an external resistor.

  • 仪表放大器的组装