• RE: Spice model of AD524 to simulate in ORCAD


    You may also want to look at modern instrumentation amplifiers such as AD8221 or AD8228 in case those fit your application. We do have models available for them.


  • 运放AD8228BRZ使用问题


  • RE: PCB layout of EVAL-INAMP-82RZ

    Hi, xcuresme.

    I already contacted the applications engineer of AD8228 regarding the PCB layout and the detailed schematic diagram of the EVAL-INAMP-82RZ. I'll keep you posted on this.



  • RE: AD8428 with intermittent floating inputs

    Hi Pseudovector,

    The parts usually get damage if you violated any of the absolute max rating shown below.  Floating inputs should not damage the part though this can make the AD8228 output to go into the supply rails and overdrive the next stage after the…

  • RE: 请帮忙推荐称重控制器前端仪放,ADC型号


  • I don’t  know, how to use Vbias generator in ADUCM361

    I use AIN0 and AIN1, single-ended input, AIN1 as GND.

    The internal reference 1.2 V is used.


    Can I connect Vbias generator  through AIN11/VBIAS1 to reference InAmp (AD8221),

    And output AD8228 connect to AIN0 (in main case)?

    What is Vbias current…

  • AD8221: Operating at a constant gain over a larger temperature range

    I am trying to make an accurate system stable over a large Temperature range
    (-60°C - 110°C).
    What type of gain setting resistor should I use to keep a constant gain.


    The AD8221 includes some data for 125C operation however, it was…
  • RE: 放大器选型


  • AD8495 thermocouple amp differential output

    Application note CN0271 shows a dedicated differential amplifier being used to make the single-ended output of the AD8495 differential, but I'm wondering, with the reference pin,  if it is possible to use the method shown in some Analog Devices instrumentation…

  • How can to fix netlist after changing symbol pin order?

    Original Question: How can to fix netlist after changing symbol pin order? by andrew_cal

    Here is my netlist

    * C:\Users\ROSE\Documents\ADIsimPE\inst_amp.wxsch


    V1 V1_P 0 5

    V2 U1_VS- 0 -5

    V3 V3_P 0 1

    V4 V4_P 0 0

    X$U1 V4_P U1_RG1 U1_RG2 V3_P U1_VS…