• Offset of AD8228

    Hi, guys~

    I would like to know whether the offset voltage of an AD8228 chip is a specific value or it depends on some factors?

    And I'm also interested in how can I measure it because it is so small.

    Thanks in advance~


  • RE: AD8229 vs AD8228


      What industry are you in?   30 years ago, the downhole guys would take a commercial part, test it at high temp, and if it

    survived 100 hours they would go with it.  The high temp line from ADI allows them to go a lot more than that, so it saves


  • RE: AD8228 offset issue.

    Dear Emman:

                          Thanks for your reply. I used 500m ohm Rsense for current measure and Gain=10 of the AD8228. Actually , I had used AD8228 simulation tools on ADI website and below picture is simulation result , Do you have suggestion for this…

  • RE: Where can I find SPICE models for ADI amplifiers?

    If a SPICE model is available, it is located under the "Tools, Software & Simulation Models" link on our product page.

    For example, for the AD8228 fixed gain instrumetation amplifier, the product page is here:


  • RE: AD8228 output swing

    Dear Emman:

                            Sorry for my careless, Correct setup of AD8253 as below:






                       For schematic of the input side , We tried to tie +IN/ -IN to GND to watch offset of AD8228. but It measure 5.7V…

  • RE: AD8250 - AD8253 spice model LTspice results

    I'm experiencing the same problem. And the AD8228 model is not correct too. 

  • Precise measurement using AD8228

    I am developing a precise current sensor based on shunt and instrumentation amplifier AD8228 sensing the load current of H-bridge.

    Figure 1 is the H-bridge. The switches are IGBT switching at 30k~40k on fixed duty cycle. Vsense is the voltage of shunt…

  • AD8228构成的压控振荡器





  • How can to fix netlist after changing symbol pin order?

    Here is my netlist

    * C:\Users\ROSE\Documents\ADIsimPE\inst_amp.wxsch


    V1 V1_P 0 5

    V2 U1_VS- 0 -5

    V3 V3_P 0 1

    V4 V4_P 0 0

    X$U1 V4_P U1_RG1 U1_RG2 V3_P U1_VS- 0 U1_OUT V1_P AD8220 pinnames: IN- RG1 RG2 IN+ VS- REF OUT VS+


    *.TRAN …

  • RE: PCB layout of EVAL-INAMP-82RZ

    Hi, xcuresme.

    I already contacted the applications engineer of AD8228 regarding the PCB layout and the detailed schematic diagram of the EVAL-INAMP-82RZ. I'll keep you posted on this.