• AD8228 Gain strapping


    I built two amplifiers with gain set to X100

    The intended use it to increase the accuracy of some automated test equipment.

    It will take 4-wire resistance measurements

    I am trying to get a gain of 100, but I am seeing a gain of ~0.7 for both…

  • AD8228 output swing

    Dear Sir:

                   I used AD8228 to measure shunt current and used AD8253 to measure voltage as below circuit , We have a issue that when we tie +IN and -IN to GND  then Vout will measure 5.7V swing. When we remove AD8253 then AD8228 Vout=2.5V(Normal). What…

  • AD8228 offset issue.

    Dear Sir:

                    We used AD8228 for shunt current sense application. We have some confuse from AD8228 output offset. As below picture we tried to measure same current on different common mode voltage and it had different current offset , Would you kindly…

  • Offset of AD8228

    Hi, guys~

    I would like to know whether the offset voltage of an AD8228 chip is a specific value or it depends on some factors?

    And I'm also interested in how can I measure it because it is so small.

    Thanks in advance~


  • AD8229 vs AD8228

    Good afternoon,

    I've recently incorporated the AD8229 part into a prototype design, we are using this part in several places.  I was a bit shocked when I saw the commercial part was priced at $220 per part.  Needless to say, I'm looking for alternatives…

  • Precise measurement using AD8228

    I am developing a precise current sensor based on shunt and instrumentation amplifier AD8228 sensing the load current of H-bridge.

    Figure 1 is the H-bridge. The switches are IGBT switching at 30k~40k on fixed duty cycle. Vsense is the voltage of shunt…

  • AD8228构成的压控振荡器





  • RE: Where can I find SPICE models for ADI amplifiers?

    If a SPICE model is available, it is located under the "Tools, Software & Simulation Models" link on our product page.

    For example, for the AD8228 fixed gain instrumetation amplifier, the product page is here:


  • RE: AD8250 - AD8253 spice model LTspice results

    I'm experiencing the same problem. And the AD8228 model is not correct too. 

  • RE: Load Cell Amplifier

    Hi IsmailCetinkaya,

    I can speak to your instrumentation amplifier requirement. To get this kind of gain drift in an instrumentation amplifier, you will need to use an in amp with integrated gain resistors. A zero-drift amplifier solution will offer no…