• AD8227 leadframe

    I have a question about the material of the leadframe of the AD8227.

    The AD8227 and AMR (magnetic sensor) are located on the PCB.
    The material of the leadframe may affect the sensor.
    Iron-based materials seem to affect sensors in particular.
    Please tell me…

  • AD8227 stability

    Hi there,

    reading through the AD8227 datasheet, in the chapter "Driving an ADC" it is stated that loading the AD8227 output with a RC tau lower than 5us affects the device stability.
    A 5us RC gives a pole at 32kHz. 

    Can I please have more info…

  • AD8227


    Anyone knows how can I get a graphic for "Input Common-Mode Voltage vs. Output Voltage" for the AD8227 with  12Vdc single supply, Gain >= 10. In datasheet only shows at 5Vdc.

    I appreciate your help. Greetings!

  • AD8227 transient LTSPICE


    I have some problem with  a transient simulation with the AD8227 and LTSPICE.. 

    Running the supplied test fixture is no problem, but when the common mode voltage and the Ref voltage is set to 0 the simulation stops.

    As LTspice is now ANALOG  this…

  • AD8227 Problem

    I have this circuit;

    That I cannot drive output to any level by changing input voltage level.

    Dou you have any suggestions?

  • AD8227 gain variation in NImultisim


    I am trying to model a AD8227 InAmp sensing a differential input from a bridge pressure sensor in NImultisim (see attachments).

    I set the gain resistor for the AD8227 to 487ohms and calculated the gain be 169.3. The REF voltage to the InAmp is about…

  • AD8227 output voltage limitations @ 0..100mV CM input

    I am considering using your AD8227 instrumentation amplifier to replace an
    existing part. The existing part is unable to drive sufficient output voltage
    at the common mode input voltage I have. I have a common mode input voltage
  • AD8227 does not work well on LTSpice

    Original Question: AD8227 does not work well on LTSpice by nom


    I try to use AD8227 spice model on LTSpice , but it does not work well.

    The condition is below:

    VDD:3.3V, Reference:1.65V, Vcm:1.65V, Bandwidth:100Hz (0.001V)

    When the Rg setting is under…

  • AD8227 as tenso AC bridge amplifier - overshoot problem

    Dear Analog Devices,

    I have a question about AD8227 as amplifier used in AC-excited tenso bridge. I'm using AC square wave excited full bridge. Exciting signal comes from 3V switching by analog switch (signal is bipolar). Signal which control switching…

  • Question about GAIN Temp Drift of AD8227 and Error Budget Analysis


    I would like to ask if someone can explain the negative sign of the GAIN TEMP DRIFT (Gain vs. Temperature) which can be found in the AD8227 Datasheet.

    Should one make a valuation of the total Error (in other words an Error Budget) as in Application…