• AD8224 IMD

    We are using the AD8224 to amplify a group of modulated signals. The application produces third order IMD components of approximately -70dB. We are trying to confirm the source of this distortion, and suspect the AD8224 is the primary contributor. The…

  • AD8224 Low Frequency Noise Issue

    In one of our designs we are doing signal conditioning of a load cell (Wheatstone bridge)

    We have an issue where the main instrumentation amplifier an AD8224 has an output signal that wanders by around 20mV over the course of 10's of seconds.


  • AD8224 PCB Design Considerations


    I am using the AD8224 in my design. According to the datasheet, in order to get optimum performance and reliability the both supply voltage pairs should be connected (pins 5,8,13,16).

    The question is it is not clear from datasheet which supply pins…

  • RE: AD8045 Exposed Paddle Connection

    I heartedly agree with Ching and John that the paddle connection is IC dependent.  Please read the datasheet carefully regarding how to connect the paddle.  The paddle is often connected to the substrate of the part, whose bias voltage depends on the architecture…

  • Noise spec of AD8222, AD 8224, AD8426


    I really find the instrumentation amplifier, AD8222, AD8224, AD8426 with differential output really useful. But I have a question regardign the noise spec when using these in differential output mode. With the term noise spec I am referring to terms…

  • RE: Lowest input capacitance and FET input instrumentation amplifier


    You could check the ff ADI instrumentation amplifiers




    By the way, what is your intended application?

  • RE: Buffer(voltage follower) op-amp recommendation

    Hi ambar rathie,

    You may also want to try AD8224 Instrumentation Amplifier. It will be a good alternative for AD8222 with lower bias current.



  • RE: Stacking AD620's with common gain resistor

    Hi Dave,

    I'm afraid that's not possible. If you have space constraints, maybe I can suggest the dual In-Amps AD8222, AD8224, or AD8426, that come in LFCSP packages (much smaller than AD620. Alternatively, for multiple-lead ECG, you could consider ADAS1000…

  • RE: Looking for a QUAD Instrumentation Amp- AD620

    Hi Giulia,

    We don't have any available quad in amp, it is only available in either single or dual channel. Since you need a quad, one option is to use two dual channel in amp. Here is the list of dual channel in amps that we have: AD8426, AD8224

  • RE: Proper driving for 4-wire measurement

    Hi Matt,

    For your first concern, where is your REF pin connected? Is it connected to ground? If this is the case, your output could saturate for very small input voltages. Even in amps with rail to rail output stages will saturate about 100mV to 200mV…