• AD8223 gain issue

    Hello every one!

    In my design, I am using a AD8223 as a current sense amplifier on a +5V 10A power supply.

    Here is the AD8223 wiring:

    -Vs = GND (0V)

    +Vs = +15V

    REF = GND

    RG = 1.23kohm

    IN+ and IN- are connected to the sense resistor, which is in…

  • Reducing RFI on AD8223

    I am using the AD8223 to amplify a low voltage signal (ranges from 0-30 mV) by a factor of 100, up to 0-3V output.  Reading the datasheet, on page 15, it shows how to set up a low-pass RC network to filter RFI.  I don't know what the frequency of any RF…

  • RFI problem about AD8223



    We are currently developing a medical device called infusion pump where we use a load cell within the device. AD8223 is used as the instrumentation amplifier with a gain of 1000. We finished our prototype and now carrying out radiated immunity…

  • PSPICE Simulation Model for AD8223?

    I am using AD8223 instrumentation amplifier but wanted to simulate it in CADENCE. I am not finding its model files. If anyone knows how to create model file for this IC?

  • Setting up circuit with AD8223

    I have several questions about using this instrumentation amplifier.  I am using it to amplify a signal that varies from 0-30 mV to 0-3 mV. 

    The input signal and the supply voltages may have some RFI on them, although I have no idea what the frequency…

  • RE: AD 8223 for single ended operation.


    Thank you for your interest in AD8223. Yes, you can connect the AD8223's negative input to ground for single ended input operation. You just have to take note that the AD8223's input common voltage range is 0.15V below the negative supply, therefore…

  • RE: Alternative to AD623

    Hi Wbadry,

    The next generation of this part is the AD8223. I would like you also to check out the AD8422 which is a high performance, low power, rail to rail amplifier. It has better overall specs than the AD623 and AD8223..

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards…

  • RE: 【每周一答】微信题目跟帖处(最后一波)


  • RE: AD8223B reference input voltage clamping

    Hi Bert,

    It sounds like it may be a current sinking issue.  Let's figure out how much current the op amp needs to sink from the AD8223 so we can verify if the op amp can handle it.  Please refer to figure 31 in the AD8223 for the following calculations…


    I am preparing a smart wearable medical product for the elderly.I have some questions about ADPD188GG, and I look forward to your answers. I will to test the CNiBP, SpO2 and HRM / HRV of the elderly.so,

    1.   CNiBP :   AD8223+ADPD188GG, connected to PD1…