• AD8222: input voltage range question


    I am using AD8222 in differential output configuration.

    My Vs+=5 and Vs-= GND

    According to the data sheet my input voltage range should be from 1.9V to 3.9V( -Vs+1.9 to. +Vs-1.1).

    So, I given a differential input 1.15 V centered at 2.5 V swinging…

  • adding variable gain to AD8222

    I am wanting the ability to switch in a gain at power-up and am considering using a ADG1414 serially-controlled octal SPST switch to be the switch since I am I/O limited. The gain of the instrumentation amp will either be one or a specific other value…

  • RE: Dual LTC6373 (in series) driving AD4134 channel

    Hi Steve,

    Yes, I was going to suggest ADA4254 and ADA4255, they are very suitable for your gain requirements. We do have AD8222 with high gain capability and about 8nV/rtHz noise and AD8295 with high gain capability and 8nV/rtHz input noise. Unfortunately…

  • RE: Amplify input from uV to mV

    Hi pammap027,

    Do you need a digital or a fixed gain? Do you also have a desired noise level? If its not too much to ask may I know your application? 

    For starters, you may want to look at the following In-Amps:

    AD8422 High Performance, Low Power, Rail-to…

  • Buffer(voltage follower) op-amp recommendation

    I have AD8222 amplifier eval board. I want to place Buffer(voltage follower) op-amp in front on AD8222. Application is pH measurement

    1. I like recommendation on differential input Buffer(voltage follower) op-amp (not single input).
      1. Both inputs…
  • AD8221: Driving capacitive loads

    Can you say advise about stability of the AD8221 at capacitive loads. Which
    capacitive load is acceptable?


    The settling time plots in the datasheet are all done with a 100pF load, and
    the part is very stable with this much capacitance…
  • AD8295 spice model

    I'd like to use the AD8295 to design analog chain of pressure sensor treatment
    with high precision required. The domain is aero. How can I simulate, with
    spice, the AD8295. Do you have a model ? Must I use several discrete models ?
  • RE: AD8224 Low Frequency Noise Issue

    Thanks Hooman, would you expect the self heating to vary the temperature in a bit of a random manor, see the second plot in my original post comparing our original amplifier with the new AD part, the original amplifier shows more what I would expect …

  • RE: 请帮忙推荐称重控制器前端仪放,ADC型号


  • RE: Amplification from the additional Rref Is Very Annoying

    Hi Emman,

    Just to clarify, I would like to made this design to have differential output. I assume AD8222 dual channel are symmetrical internally. The gain resistors for both channels are 141 ohm at the prototype testing. Is my design methodology correct…