• RE: AD8222 solder profile

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  • AD8222 use for non inverting amplifier?

    I am using an AD8222 for a weight scale application. Is it possible to use the 2nd op amp in the AD8222 in a non inverting amplifier configuration? or is this not advised? If it is not advised, then is their a single op amp version of the AD8222? Also…

  • RE: Amplifier and Ph electrode

    Ms. Anna,

    I have attached my ckt for AD8222 using MAX406 as a voltage follower. The only problem I see is that I don't know why there is a high resistance on AD8222 [+ pin].

  • Buffer(voltage follower) op-amp recommendation

    I have AD8222 amplifier eval board. I want to place Buffer(voltage follower) op-amp in front on AD8222. Application is pH measurement

    1. I like recommendation on differential input Buffer(voltage follower) op-amp (not single input).
      1. Both inputs…
  • AD8222 Question


    I'm under testing AD8222.

    Is there anybody point out what should I do to fix abnormal output?

    My expectation on OUT1/2 is 2.2V

    Test Condition :

    Vs+ = 5V, Vs- = 0V


    Input : Floating

    Test Result :

    OUT1 = 4.1V

    OUT1 = 0.6V

  • Inquiry of AD8222 single supply application


    My customer will use AD8222 with the same conditions as the attached ADIsimPLL simulation file, including in/out signal.

    There was no error in ADIsimPLL simulation. However, In-Amp Diamond Plot Tool was failed as below. 

    Is there a problem using…

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  • adding variable gain to AD8222

    I am wanting the ability to switch in a gain at power-up and am considering using a ADG1414 serially-controlled octal SPST switch to be the switch since I am I/O limited. The gain of the instrumentation amp will either be one or a specific other value…

  • RE: AD8222: input voltage range question

    Hi niranjan,

    Yes. You have it right. Whether you drive the inputs differentially or fix/ground one input, the input voltage range does not change. The voltage at each input must be kept within the specified range, regardless of the voltage at the other…

  • Noise spec of AD8222, AD 8224, AD8426


    I really find the instrumentation amplifier, AD8222, AD8224, AD8426 with differential output really useful. But I have a question regardign the noise spec when using these in differential output mode. With the term noise spec I am referring to terms…