• AD8221

    How can I implement an RFI input filter and an DC return path together for the AD8221? The IA is used to amplify an very small signal (tens of uV) provided from a electromagnetic flowmeter. This voltage is generated from the ions in the liquid.Thanks

  • Can I replace AD620 or AD8221 directly with AD8422 in my circuit?

    Can I replace AD620 or AD8221 directly with AD8422 in my circuit?


    AD8422 is only available in the High-Performance Pinout which was introduced by
    the AD8221, so a board layout change is required to switch from AD620 to
    AD8422. AD8422…
  • AD8221怎样确定已损坏?



  • AD8221 gain of <1

    I am evaluating a circuit that uses an AD8221. The circuit is from a product I have bought recently and I am trying to establish what it does so I can develop using an alternative approach.

    Circuit below:

    R6+R3 (or R4+R5) form a potential divider on the…

  • RE: AD8221 Problem

    Hi Garrett,

    It looks like the voltage you want at the output is not in the AD8221's output voltage range.     The AD8221's specified output swing is -Vs +1.1V to +Vs-1.2V when operating at voltage spans of 10V or less.  When the AD8221 is run from…

  • RE: AD8221输入悬空时,输出是怎样的?


  • AD8221: Driving capacitive loads

    Can you say advise about stability of the AD8221 at capacitive loads. Which
    capacitive load is acceptable?


    The settling time plots in the datasheet are all done with a 100pF load, and
    the part is very stable with this much capacitance…
  • RE: Driving PulSAR A/D directly from AD8221 in op-amp

    Hi Damien,

    Thank you for considering Analog Devices for your circuit needs. For your question whether the AD8221 can directly drive the AD7693, the answer is yes. But you need to configure the two devices properly in order for the output of the AD8221…

  • AD8221 at 3.3V

    Hi everyone, I'm choosing a low noise in-amp for an EEG project. I've found that AD8221 has the best noise characteristics for my set up.

    Unfortunately it requires at least +-2.3V, I am running at 3.3V.

    I've tested an AD620 which is very similar…