• AD8221和AD8226仿真问题





  • AD8221 output impedance

    Could you please provide me data on the resistance of the output path of the


    The output resistance is quite low at dc and low frequencies. Approximately 0.1
    ohms until the short circuit current limit kicks in above about 18mA…
  • AD8221: Driving capacitive loads

    Can you say advise about stability of the AD8221 at capacitive loads. Which
    capacitive load is acceptable?


    The settling time plots in the datasheet are all done with a 100pF load, and
    the part is very stable with this much capacitance…
  • AD8221 Input Bias Current

    How did you come up with the 100GOhm specification for input bias current for


    Essentially, it is the change in voltage at the input divided by the change in
    input bias current.

    Delta Vcm/ Delta Ib = Input Impedance.

    See Figure 9…

  • Two circuits breaks a subcircuit with an AD8221, but the subcircuit converges fine on LTSPICE.

    I have a circuit composed of subcircuit A which creates a low-pass filter of an input voltage (It has an AD8221) and subcircuit B which takes the output of A and uses it to drive a feedback loop to ultimately drive a mosfet. Subcircuit B converges fine…

  • AD8221 Input Common-Mode Range vs. Output Voltage


    I've read the article below to discuss the Input Common-Mode Range vs. Output Voltage plot.

    AN-1401 (Rev. 0) (analog.com)

    We have 3 boundaries, input range, preamp output range and output range.

    The question is for the input range limitation of…

  • AD8221: Operating at a constant gain over a larger temperature range

    I am trying to make an accurate system stable over a large Temperature range
    (-60°C - 110°C).
    What type of gain setting resistor should I use to keep a constant gain.


    The AD8221 includes some data for 125C operation however, it was…
  • Can I replace AD620 or AD8221 directly with AD8422 in my circuit?

    Can I replace AD620 or AD8221 directly with AD8422 in my circuit?


    AD8422 is only available in the High-Performance Pinout which was introduced by
    the AD8221, so a board layout change is required to switch from AD620 to
    AD8422. AD8422 is pin-to…