• AD8220


    i used AD8220 in simple with gain=1(no resistor).

    i expect Vo swing between +/-5 Volt according to Vo = G • ( VIN(+) – VIN(-) ).

    i have large offset at output.

    what is wrong in my circuit?

    i attached circuit file too.



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    We built this circuit. When at the "Vin1" pint I apply 100mVpp, 100Hz sinus (output impedance HighZ on signal generator), on pin7 OUT I have the same sinus wave with approx  100mVpp amplitude, which seems to be OK.

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    I am trying to simulate AD8220 in a very simple configuration. G=1 (no resistor connected), single input supply of 5V and REF connected to ground. Is this a legitimate way to use this component? For input levels below 100mV (ie IN+ = 100mV, IN- …

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    Question on Ad8220. In the datasheet is the following text: " The allowable
    reference voltage range is a function of the gain, COMMON-MODE INPUT, and
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    Dear Matt,

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  • AD8220 input impedace


    Which is correct, input impedance IN+ (or IN-) respect with Vs- (5pin) or application ground(0V)?

    AD8220 specification has both  dual supply and single supply, but datasheet shows same mention to input impedance.

    In the datasheet says below. 

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    I am running the AD8220BRMZ from +/-5V, with a gain set to 100 and the REF pin set to 2.5V. I notice that the output swing limits at 4.70V despite the datasheet indicating that I should get 4.85V as a minimum. Am I interpreting the datasheet correctly…

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    I am using the AD8220 in a electrochemical sensor measurement application. 

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