• How correct connect two AD8220 for measuring EEG signals?

    Hello, our laboratory has a plan to use AD8220 for creating a small EEG device. 

    Can you confirm is it the correct scheme for multiple using AD8220 to measure a few channels?  


  • AD8220 Output Voltage Swing


    We use AD623 to amplify a 350ohm full bridge strain gauge. Recently due to the global shortage, we switch to AD8220 which was available at the time. Both bridge and AD8220 are running off a single supply of 0-5V.  The problem I have is that for the…

  • AD8220: Vref voltage range

    Question on Ad8220. In the datasheet is the following text: " The allowable
    reference voltage range is a function of the gain, COMMON-MODE INPUT, and
    supply voltages ". Explain, please, more in detail this phrase. Whether you can …
  • RE: AD8220 Input impedance

    Hi Attila,

    Sorry if we missed this question.

    May I know what are you trying to do with the AD8220?

    AD8220 is an instrumentation amplifier and we don't normally connect its output to the negative inputs. Negative feedback usually for opamps products.…

  • AD8220 Instability in high impedance measurement

    Hi All, 

    I am using the AD8220 in a electrochemical sensor measurement application. 

    The sensor outputs a DC signal in the -1/+1 range. The signal is created between a ref electrode and a "working" electrode, as a potential difference, creating the vo…

  • Temperature(thermocouple) measurement using AD8220


    I am using AD8220 for temperature measurement (using thermocouple). The circuit below is only hot junction measurement, for cold junction reference measurement I use a separate RTD 

    I was testing the part @ 125 C and observed that it had stopped functioning…

  • AD8220单电源输出电压范围的相关问题


    技术手册中单电源+5V供电,基准电压2.5V时  输出电压范围为0.15V~4.85V,为什么我的达不到?

  • AD8220放大器数据手册中的一些参数问题