• AD8220


    i used AD8220 in simple with gain=1(no resistor).

    i expect Vo swing between +/-5 Volt according to Vo = G • ( VIN(+) – VIN(-) ).

    i have large offset at output.

    what is wrong in my circuit?

    i attached circuit file too.



  • RE: AD8220 Input impedance

    Hi Attila,

    Sorry if we missed this question.

    May I know what are you trying to do with the AD8220?

    AD8220 is an instrumentation amplifier and we don't normally connect its output to the negative inputs. Negative feedback usually for opamps products.…

  • AD8220 configuration


    I am trying to simulate AD8220 in a very simple configuration. G=1 (no resistor connected), single input supply of 5V and REF connected to ground. Is this a legitimate way to use this component? For input levels below 100mV (ie IN+ = 100mV, IN- …

  • AD8220 Vref

    Hello fellow engineers and enthusiasts,

    I've been using this instrumentation amplifiers for a few months now, and I absolutely love it for its robustness and pricing. I'm about to do a design that will need to adjust the offset, and the AD8220 offers…

  • AD8220: Vref voltage range

    Question on Ad8220. In the datasheet is the following text: " The allowable
    reference voltage range is a function of the gain, COMMON-MODE INPUT, and
    supply voltages ". Explain, please, more in detail this phrase. Whether you can …
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    Dear Matt,

    I've been doing a very critical desing using AD8220. But i'm afraid that the IC might fail the design requirement at the very last moment as i found difficulties. Hence need your worthy help.

    Fist of all i need to explain my design…

  • AD8220 input impedace


    Which is correct, input impedance IN+ (or IN-) respect with Vs- (5pin) or application ground(0V)?

    AD8220 specification has both  dual supply and single supply, but datasheet shows same mention to input impedance.

    In the datasheet says below. 

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    I am using AD8220 to amplify the output voltage of a Wheatstone bridge (there is only an NTC Thermistor in the bridge).

    I want to use the InAmp in single supply operation. The bridge is designed to always provide the positive input voltage to the…

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    I am running the AD8220BRMZ from +/-5V, with a gain set to 100 and the REF pin set to 2.5V. I notice that the output swing limits at 4.70V despite the datasheet indicating that I should get 4.85V as a minimum. Am I interpreting the datasheet correctly…

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    We are designing a circuit to measure the current consumed by a Ultra-low power communication module.

    The requirement is below:

         1. Min current = 10nA

         2. Max current = 1.5A

    We do not need to measure DYNAMIC current, just want to measure…