• AD822 Unity Gain Stability


    We are using AD822 as a Buffer circuit driving ADC. The Datasheet mentions that the device is capable of driving 350pF Capacitive Load at Unity Gain. However the Phase Margin of OPAMP is only about 45 degree (Figure - 16 of datasheet). With Output…

  • ADI年度贺岁片—— AD822和AD8532组成的经典耳机放大器驱动








  • RE: SPICE model of AD8231

    Hi Derun, 

    As stated in the previous thread, currently there is no spice model for AD8231. If you want to try out the performance of an In-Amp, you can try to look at AD623, AD8235 or AD822's spice model at this webiste:https://www.analog.com/en/design…

  • ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1 FAQ

    Q1. What is the ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1?


    A1. The ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1 is the next generation of the AD824 / AD822 / AD820. It is a single supply, 30 V, 8 MHz, Low Bias Current, Single-Supply, RRO, Precision JFET Op Amp.


    Q2. What…

  • RE: Tin Plating Thickness and Deposit Method


    For Quality and Reliability search which is also found on the product page, please try to use this link.


    Here are some info you can find for the product.

    AD822 - https://www.analog.com/media…

  • Gain Drift

    I am curious about the gain drift as our application very much depends on this
    I see the datasheet numbers are given assuming the internal reference. Fig 49
    shows that the reference thermal drift is not ideal, and the text suggests that…

  • Is it safe to test parts attached to unpowered IC's?

    Flying-probe testing of components attached to inputs and outputs of an AD822 is desired in unpowered avionics boards. Testing diode forward voltages at 1mA and 10mA is suggested, possibly supplying these currents at voltages up to 1.3V between any input…

  • RE: AD9656 front end for narrow-band

    Hello Doug,

    I tried what you advised but without a luck.

    On EVALEZ board I see only LED 2 D802 is light up and LED 1 D801 blinking weakly. When I switch from 1GHz to 125MHz and set divider to 1, refresh app, the all LEDs light up and app starts to work…

  • AD210 MTTF (MTBF) Data FAQ

    I am looking for the MTTF ( MTBF) data for the AD210.


    please find attached

  • RE: 热门器件推荐,你需要哪款?