• AD822 Output on Multisim Simulator


    My name is Claudio, I'm a hobbyist and this is the first time I'm writing in this forum.
  • AD822 Single-supply capability


    The single supply voltage spec has been changed from 3V~36V to 5V~30V since its data sheet revision I was

    released. Do you have any documents like PCN announcement about it? When the revision I data sheet was released?



  • History of AD822 data sheet


    I am tracking the history of the external dimensions of the AD822 at the request of the customer now.

    I read that the AD822 (SOIC) has changed the external dimensions five times in the past and also converted to halogen free.

    I'd like to check…

  • Thermal resistance θjb & θjc for AD822



    I would like to know thermal resistance of junction to the bottom (θjb) and junction to the case (θjc) for AD822

    The above data is not available in Datasheet. Only find θja.

    Data will be helpful for thermal analysis. Appreciate…

  • AD822 (A), looking for modern version for this


    AD822 is quite old (1995 I think), I wish to find replacement of more modernise version.Please don't ask me why(!)

    The key parameter is +5V, FET/CMOS, low frequency, low gains circuit (noise not important), good rail to rail, good I/P range to…

  • AD822 带载能力最大是多少?


  • AD822 Input Impedance - variation from typical spec and how to measure it?

    would like to know more about the AD822’s input impedance. In the datasheet, 
    the AD822’s input impedance is a typical spec, do you have any more information
    regarding an estimated variation of this impedance? What's the best way to
  • AD822跨阻放大电路输出波形失真


  • AD822's Input Impedance - best way to measure and variation from typical spec?

    In the datasheet the AD822’s input impedance is a typical spec. Do you have any
    more information regarding an estimated variation of this impedance? What's the
    best way to measure this parameter?


    We do not measure the input impedance…
  • ADI年度贺岁片—— AD822和AD8532组成的经典耳机放大器驱动

    ADI年度贺岁片—— AD822和AD8532组成的经典耳机放大器驱动 by gaon