• AD822: PSRR

    I would like to get support regarding the power supply rejection value of the
    component AD822. The data given in the tables are referred to the input or the
    output of the opamp?


    The AD822 PSRR specification in the datasheet…
  • AD822:Asymmetrical supplies

    In my application the AD822 gets dual supply, but not symmetrical:
    V+ = + 24V and V-= -5V. The AD822 drives a load of 4 kOhm against analogue
    Does work the AD822 with the unsymmetrical supply voltage in a proper way ?


  • AD822: Overvoltage issue

    The problem I have is as follows: I am having to apply a signal of
    approximately +/-1 volt to the -ve input of one amplifier in an AD822, while
    the device is unpowered. This event occurs only once, during our system
    proving, and the signal…
  • AD822: Phase reversal

    Tha datasheet states that the opamp AD822 do not phase invert the output signal
    when the input signal exceeds the supply voltage, but it does. How can that be?


    It is important to distinguish between over-voltage protection (i.e. the
  • ad822: Phase reversal (1)

    A customer is reporting a behavior of the AD822 as follows:
    If an input gets a voltage level that is above the Vdd, the output is going low
    instead of staying at Vdd potential.

    ° Would it be possible to get some infos on the background…
  • AD822: Input Overvoltage protection - FAQ

    Is it allowed to have +-30V at the input, if the part is not powered.


    The AD822 cannot have +30V or -30V applied to either input when there is no
    power on the supply pins. As a general rule, the absolute maximum current into
    a pin should be limited…

  • AD822: Output voltage exceeds rails

    In an amplification circuit with AD822 supplied with +15V/-15V, there could be
    an operating condition in which the output of the op-amp is saturated to +15V
    (Vin is so high that Vin*G>15V). Besides, in this situation, the output could …
  • AD822 max. Output Current


    I'm referring to the official datasheet of the AD822 operational amplifier.


    It states a minimum value of 15 mA of output current, but no typical or maximum value is…

  • AD822,Single Supply.

    , Gnd for V-, Vin- and Vref.  .5V in, 0V out ? Gain = 5

  • AD822 Unity Gain Stability


    We are using AD822 as a Buffer circuit driving ADC. The Datasheet mentions that the device is capable of driving 350pF Capacitive Load at Unity Gain. However the Phase Margin of OPAMP is only about 45 degree (Figure - 16 of datasheet). With Output…