• AD8219 output

    hi all,
    I'm using ad8219 with this configuration:

    in pin in+ and V+ there is 6.5V, there is a load of 330ohm.

    the output shows 0V for some reason, can anyone tell me why?

  • Problem in AD8219 Spice macro model


    I have included the spice macro model of AD8219 given here into my LTSpice system trying to sense the current passing through a precision sense resistor of 1mOhm where the current I am sensing has the range of 0A up to 10A. In my application, the…

  • Current Sense Amp : LTC6102 & AD8219

    Hi ADI Expert,

    We're comparing these two current sense amp and have some questions need your help to check : 

    1. Does LTC6102 include internal LDO as AD8612 shown in block diagram?

    2. Is possible to have AD8219's PSRR curve from 100Hz~1 MHz '…

  • AD8219 offset vs common-mode voltage

    Dear Sir,

    We test the offset of  AD8219  as below:

    AD8219 VS = +5V or connect with VCM

           NO Load  (0A at +VBAT)

                     1. VCM = 0V,  AD8219 VOUT = 3.7mV

                     2. VCM = 10V, AD8219 VOUT = 4.55mV

                     3. VCM = 20V, AD8219 VOUT = 6.9mV

                     4. VCM = 30V, AD8219VOUT …

  • AD8417 output linearity

    Hi ADI exporter,

    I surveying current sensing Amplifier AD8417 and AD8219. After I checked AD8417 datasheet, there are no “OUTPUT LINEARITY” characteristics information. But AD8219 with output linearity information in the datasheet. May I have…

  • Differential to Single ended conversion


    I'm using a fully Differential VGA and after that a single input and differential output Bandpass Filter. Now there is a problem to connect them as it seems that a Differential to Single ended conversion is needed. So i read one of the posts here and…

  • Customer trying to identify parts from package markings

    Quoted below is a conversation cut and pasted from a Facebook Messenger thread between ADI and a customer who is trying to identify parts based on the package markings. Can we help?? Happy to refer him to a discussion forum if that is easier.


  • RE: Current measure with AD8210

    Hi, Wolfgang.

    AD8210 cannot operate in a -15V power supply. It can only operate within 4.5V to 5.5V.

    Do you need a current sense amplifier that operates with -15V? or can operate in dual supply (+/-15V) or higher? AD8217, AD8218 and AD8219 can operate…

  • 问题: ADI最新中文资料(2011年6月)

  • RE: LTC6102 or Other Recommendation

    Hi ,

    In case you've not seen our parametric search for Current Sense devices, here it is.

    You can use the Excel filters to narrow down your search.