• AD8217 zero-drift core

    Does the AD8217 use a switching technique in its zero-drift core, and if so,
    what is the switching frequency?


    The AD8217 Autozeroes at 25 kHz and has a chopping frequency at 125 kHz. 
    Either of these could be considered switching…
  • damage on AD8217

    I am noticing that the output pin on the AD8217 we are using are getting damage (ohm out ground to output pin ~400 ohms or less). There is also signs of the IC getting damage (a visible dot as if it has been zapped). This is happening in low occurrences…

  • AD623,AD8217极限差分电压,

    AD623 的差分电压是150MV还是VS-0.15 到 V+-0.5V  ?

    AD8217  是正负1V

    我最近有个 高压电流采样要做,如果和电源不共地我就用AD623,共地就用AD8217   ,可以吗?

  • 关于AD8217的问题

    上面说的总输出增益为20V/V,  但是按照上面的公式:(R4/R1)*(V1-V2),   比如V1-V2等于1V,那么就等于(1.5M/75R)*1=2000V, 为什么说是20V/V呢   是我没有理解吗

  • RE: Differential Input Protection Required on AD8217 AD8218?

    Hi Ruaridh,

    I know that most devices has internal transient protection and most of the time it is not necessary to add external circuit for transient protection. However, I need to confirm it. I will get back to you when I verify this.



  • AD7280A High Current on ALERThi and SDIhi

    I have a circuit with a single AD7820A cell balance IC which we are prototyping for an automated battery management system for 6S Li-Ion batteries. We have it setup as shown in the datasheet reference, with the upper connection pins (for daisy chain)…

  • ADI公司解决方案通报—放大器IC


    • 差分放大器采用单电源驱动1.8 V ADC
    • 电流检测放大器实现最大1μV/°C的失调漂移性能
    • 经过测试的电路设计
    • 热电偶放大器简化设计
    • 放大器IC选型指南
    • ADC驱动器提供快速压摆率
    • 同类最佳的电压反馈型放大器
    • 输出驱动器增强灵活性和性能
    • 差分放大器驱动184 MSPS SAR ADC,接受±10 V输入
    • 高分辨率、零漂移电流检测放大器
    • 适用于高精度设计的微功耗基准电压源
    • 精密放大器针对低功耗、宽电源电压范围应用而优化

  • RE: 专家经验分享:宽动态范围的高端电流检测的三种解决方案

    第三个解决方案:利用零漂移AD8217 进行高端电流监控

    ADI 公司最近推出了一款高压电流传感器AD8217,它具有零漂移和500 kHz 带宽,专门用来增强宽温度、输入共模和差分电压范围内的分辨率和精确度。图3a 所示为该器件的简化框图;图3b 显示了一个典型应用。

    图3. (a) 高分辨率、零漂移分流监控器AD8217;(b) 利用AD8217 进行高端电流检测

    为了测量流过小分流电阻的极小电流,AD8217 提供最小值为20 mV 的输出范围(整个温度范围内),优于AD8210…

  • RE: Current measure with AD8210

    Hi, Wolfgang.

    AD8210 cannot operate in a -15V power supply. It can only operate within 4.5V to 5.5V.

    Do you need a current sense amplifier that operates with -15V? or can operate in dual supply (+/-15V) or higher? AD8217, AD8218 and AD8219 can operate…

  • AD8479 as a shunt voltage amplifier in a large DC Motor

    We need to monitor the voltage across a shunt in a large DC motor, the Motor voltage is 0 ~ 550VDC and the shunt voltage = 0 ~ 120mV to represent the 0 ~ 1200 Amps flowing into the armature, the signal from the shunt amplifier output will connect to a…