• AD8212S

    Good afternoon, I can't find any information about pins forming for creating footprints in Mentor Graphics. Would you be so kind to help me? Best regards Andrey

  • RE: AD8212 with 850V common mode voltage

    Hi Neil.wilson,

    is the 2V max applicable also for AD8212S (space qualified part) ?

    Can I consider 2V as absolute maximum rating for AD8212S ?



  • RE: AD8212 pspice model request


    Please kindly refer to this thread: AD8212 pspice model



  • AD8212 pspice model


    Could you please share the AD8212 pspice transient and average models?

  • RE: High-side current sensing at 120V

    Hi Benrd,

    have you looked at the AD8212?, If you can affort to "burn" some bias current this should be a good solutiuon.


    You can also use…

  • RE: EMX(engineering model) temperature

    Hi Gauzz

    i  have some parts interested in

    1) AD8212

    2) AD8346ARU

    3) AD8367ARU

    4) AD9042ASTZ

  • hi, i am using AD8212 for high side currnt sensing to measure current from 300VDC source. i am facing issues, i got non linear out put.

    Hi Analog TEAM,

    Please find attached schematic for High side current sense using AD8212.

  • RE: AD8212S differential voltage

    Hi Lorentz, 

    I just confirmed that the 2V maximum differential voltage will also apply to the space version of the AD8212. 

    Let me know if you need anything else.



  • RE: AD8212 output error

    Hello Kris,

    I've connected GND_ISO and GND_48V as you suggested and the output value from AD8212 seems OK.

    as you can see from the attached files GND_48V is connected to DC-DC which it's output 5V & GND is for the MCU.

    I don't think this…