• AD8211: Do I need to add a clamp diode to the AD8211 like DS high side current sensor section said?

    Do I need to add a clamp diode to the AD8211 like DS high side current sensor
    section said?


    If the common mode voltage is 28V, and will not go above 68V, then a diiode
    will not be necessary.
  • ad8211 GNDconnection

    Where is mistake?

    20 ohm Resistor between v+  and shunt or  between V-  and shunt could be damaged.

    We are checking motor drive current by AD8211. Motor VCC  24V and GND (GND_Motor) is filtteres (Emifilter)

    AD8211: V+ is connected 5V_CTRL (using cap 100n…

  • AD8211 MTBF


    would you let me know MTBF(Mean time between failure) of AD8211??

    thank you.

  • AD8211容易损坏


  • AD8211 BCI EMC testing

    Has anyone observed difficulties with AD8211 during BCI EMC testing in the 800MHz to 1.5 GHz range?  Device is configured as current sense amplifier in PWM solenoid driver. Sense resistor is located between coil and low-side FET switch.

  • AD8211: max. Input Voltage at Pin 3 and 4

    I would like to use AD8211 in special using. My question is what max. voltage
    is acceptable between pins 3 and 4 (Vin+ and Vin-) in both directions?
    Differential input voltage range is max 250mV. It is OK. But will be destroyed
    AD8211 if 30V with…

  • Re opamp input capacitance AD8620 AD8211

    i am using ad8620 configured as a differential unity gain
    buffer feeding a ad8221 instrumentation amplifier

    the ac signal (100hz to 100khz) is fed to two resistors in

    aim is to measure 1m ohm to 100M ohm

    sense resistors are 100R, 1k, 10k ,…

  • (AD8206/AD8211)Why did you change the datasheet?

    Hi !

    I have some questions about ADI datasheet.

    Our team are checking the datasheet because if the datasheet was changed we have to explain the changes.

    And today , we found many datasheet was changed.

    For just one example , AD8206 datasheet was changed…

  • AD8211 AC current monitoring **EDIT using AD8418 instead


    **EDIT** I read that my original part AD8211 is a unidirectional current shunt monitor, so now I have revised the question using a bidirectional chip the AD8418.    Question has been re-written with AD8418.

    I am confused to whether the AD8418 (current…