• AD8210


    We are using AD8210 for high side current sensing at   bidirectional dc-dc converter. We have two problems about it. First we   have used 470 pF instead of 400 pF mentioned in the document:   (http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/application_notes…

  • AD8210: output voltage

    For AD8210, if the input is 250mV, considering the Gain is 20, then the output
    should be 5V.
    1. As below shown, the output is 4.9V, whether that means, the 5V is clamped to
    2. If the input is 249mV, whether the output is also 4.9V?



  • AD8210


  • AD8207 or AD8210

    I need a high side current sense amplifier for motor driver applicaiton.

    Both AD8207 and AD8210 have the same fixed gain (20). Both of them seem to be possible for high side current sense applicaiton (from PWM side) but which one is better ?


  • Current measure with AD8210


    is it possible to measure a current with AD8210 in a negative (-15V) power supply?



  • AD8210S ESD Protection

    Dear All,

    Could anyone tell me if AD8210S has built-in ESD protection diodes ? Has it any kind of ESD protection feature ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • AD8210 Gain Tolerance

    Dear all

    Please let me know about Gain tolerance of AD8210

    I found it has 2 OP Amp internally.

    I want to know total gain tolerance

    Best regards

    Lonnie Kim

  • AD8210封装材料


  • AD8418/A vs AD8210

    2 questions about AD8418 family,

    1. which P/N is recommended for new design AD8418 or AD8418A? We see our engineer do some improvement on AD8418A for timing parameter. Could you help us to check the difference between AD8418 and AD8418A?

    2.due to cost