• AD8210: output voltage

    For AD8210, if the input is 250mV, considering the Gain is 20, then the output
    should be 5V.
    1. As below shown, the output is 4.9V, whether that means, the 5V is clamped to
    2. If the input is 249mV, whether the output is also 4.9V?



  • AD8210: Input bias current data (also over temperature)

    In the data sheet, I did not find data about the input bias current (value at
    25°C, variation with common mode voltage, variation with temperature, etc...)
    Could you please give me some informations about that?
    As the shunt can also be…
  • AD8210S ESD Protection

    Dear All,

    Could anyone tell me if AD8210S has built-in ESD protection diodes ? Has it any kind of ESD protection feature ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • AD8210 damaged when testing with motor

    The sense resistor is 3 mΩ.When products testing with motor,overcurrent faults occur.

    After investigation,when power on and in standby operation,the output of pin OUT is 4.9 volts.

    A total of 20 boards have the issues above.Please help list the…

  • AD8210 Gain Tolerance

    Dear all

    Please let me know about Gain tolerance of AD8210

    I found it has 2 OP Amp internally.

    I want to know total gain tolerance

    Best regards

    Lonnie Kim

  • AD8210


  • AD8210 - Vs bleeding thru differential inputs?


    I'm trying to use the AD8210 to measure currents in the high-side of a simple BJT regulated power supply.

    I saw that after started using the AD8210 for the current control, the output voltage of my power supply didn't go to 0 anymore.

  • AD8210的IN- IN+端在浮空的时候有一个电压的问题

    这个问题看到有人也问过 不过最后他不了了之  



  • what is power dissipation of AD8210


    I went through the datasheet of AD8210. There is no mention of maximu power dissipation and junction temperature.

    Does any one have following information?

    1. Maximum power dissipation allowed.

    2. Maximum juction temperature

    3. R(theta)J-A